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Found 11 results

  1. Just looking for people to play with. Add me on Xbox or PC, SiegeTheBandiTT. 🙏🏽
  2. Can y'all put Omaha on Xbox One for chances to win Chips?
  3. Rep points & loot cases So I get that things changed with rep because of spamming and I also like the idea of loot cases..... BUT, anyone else find it annoying that it takes so long to level up thus making it damn near impossible to earn a loot case? Then you get a loot case and it’s a nickname 😑 what will I do with a nickname ?? I just switched affiliations to diamond and it’s taking so long to complete level 1, I much rather be spammed for rep at a table I vote bring back good rep for refills!!!
  4. Well-Versed Achievement Bug? I can not unlock this achivement it stucks at 80%, I play only ranked matches with 6 players I placed more than 3 times on all different 5 tables in the top 3, but nothing. I tried this since more than a month.
  5. Hi, just wanted to stop by for a quick intro.
  6. I'm looking to play private games. I'm not sure how to do this but I would like to try it. Please add me. I'm Joey Pats on Xbox One. I prefer people with a mic. Thanks...
  7. I'm occasionally getting a black screen when I go into the game. I have to restart the game for that. Also my audio for chat doesn't always work and I have to restart my Xbox One to get it to work. I'm always testing the mic but it rarely works.
  8. New to the forums but not new to Poker.😁✌️ Been playing/watching poker since I was little & love it! So stoked that Prominence Poker has launched on the Xbox One there hasn't been a decent Poker game since WSoP Full House on the 360.😅 But anyways I'm always looking for people to play with so if you have this for the XB1 feel free to add me (: gamertag same as username: KamiKisu 💕 Let's run some tables😈
  9. Just wanting to find out if there is a bug in the single player that does not give rep when finishing a game. i have had it happen for several games in the past few hours
  10. I'm trying to invite my friends so we can play together online and when we invited each other, no notification popped up.