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Found 4 results

  1. Suggestion for tournament playing is, if players have the buy-in fee and win tourney, that we could jump up too that specific BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM OR DIAMOND badge. Agree or disagree?
  2. Maybe I have caught on late, but as a tournament player, we all are well aware that many we so call tournaments donks calls a pre-flop lead out with almost anything. We automatically labelled them as a fish, donkey, calling station...etc. We also noticed many will call with perhaps a high card, low pair all the way to the river. I think I have finally figured it out and this is me being a donk for not thinking like a cash player does...these players play essentially like Cash players. simple. No concept of positioning and not much concept on betting size either. Your range is generally a lot wider when playing cash and there is a lot of chasing with flat calls as well as winning with single pairs on PP. Also, people jam if you 3 bet them almost all the time. These patterns were reminded during an accidental cash game I went into instead of a tournament. Thoughts?
  3. I understand it is 6 max table. I also understand if blind raises, people are under pressure to shove if some one leads out in the high blind phase. However, I am seeing i the following: Underbetting lead out of 2 x blind Limp or Fold at low blind stage ($100 to $300 blinds) Bet on flop, everyone folds 90% of the time The raiser on the flop will 100% bet if they hit pair or above, i.e, there is no bluff, continuation raise, position play They all look to play their hands rather than judge the range of the opponent If you every 3 bet them, they push all-in, even if it is not low stack Since the majority (say 4/5 players - I am the 6th) of players plays in such a way, as an intermediate real poker player,I am forced and restricted to never bluff and slow play only. Another other forms of play are quite risky in my opinion if they catch (you beat luck), and since any form of raising, you are likely to get an all in, one is forced to gamble a large portion of the stack. These players force you to either gamble all or nothing. This is brutal knucklehead type of playing. The recent tournament, I won because there were no bad beats. Every time I lead out or raise on the flop, I got an all in. They are the same dolls manufacturer on the line, playing exactly the same way. The first person to go, he had pocket 10s. He had 6K, which is still 60% of the hand. You can still come back and blind was only still 100. People seem to think that the moment you are on 5K you must go all in. That is completely blind rapping and since I am the only person who leads out 3 x blind, I a feeding these people. Since he has done this 2 times already, I assumed he is going in with any pockets or picture cards. Thus, I called him had pocket JJs. Normally, I get bad beat, but not this time. 2nd player to go had over 10K in stack. I played J9 diamonds on the button, lead out. He flat called. Flop 7s8d7d. Straight flush draw. He had previously tried to bluff me and others off so I put him on some garbage like K, Q, J rag, connectors. He underbets on the flop, I called. Turn comes 10, I hit the straight. I check, he pushed all in to get me out of the pot that was only 7K, he would risk his whole stack. I called and he had J10. He pushed with pair "10" (2 pairs). Still, on a 100K table, people's mentality is they can win with One fracking pair. Watch any WSOP hand and see how many win with a single pair. We have got to get rid of these people's mentality and educate them, fish or not. It just makes idiots frustrating and not particularly fun. I want to be challenged! 3 player was exactly the same, he pushed me all in from a pre-flop raise (did this 4 times to me every time I raised and he pushed me all in (I folded everytime) and the 4th time, I had pocket JJs again. His K10 got nowhere. He wasn't even the lowest stack. Last 2 guys, double knock out. One guy actually limped on KKs...I don't think he had the skill to slow play KKs, he just never through out the entire tournament pre-flop raise. He got me there but I had 40K by than and so lost 10K. Going back to the double knock out. Here comes the mechanical pat again...I pre-flop raise 3K (1k blind), the went all in (the limped KK guy) after me. I was no button naturally. Pocket JJs for the 3rd time. The BB called the all in (he had about 20K), so I pushed all in for a heads up and he immediately pushed all in too. In fact, I wanted his call either way for a side pot incase I lose to first all-in guy. K Rag (WTF), 46 (WTF), JJ. OK, I won, but with no satisfaction of winning from robotic idiots...guess I cannot judge people from having fun! Maybe I have become the grumpy miserable serious poker player left in this game strving from some decent poker players for challenge. One ID was this "Sir Hemp"...I've played him many times and when blind goes up, he loves an all-in bluff for those leading out, that that is some defensive play for those leading out. In fact, i think these players hates people who leads out. They think leading out is bluffing because the lead out guy (me) is not letting them limp in and so respond by an all-in to push me out..WTF again! So where does that lead us...making a decision to call the call in, which will never happen in a tournament risking the whole stack. Feels like heads up! Q: What is your experience on 100K tables players?
  4. I haven't played a 10K tournament for a while. Thought I will pop down to see if the player types generalisation has changed up. It seems it has not and that is why I still refuse to play at 10k, 50k and now almost 100k not because of the game, but the type of gamers (not really poker players) playing this game. I specifically wanted to share a typical tournament of a 10K to showcase why I am beginning to find playing on PP dull, boring and even not particularly enticing anymore. The game is fine, the Card Generator I am fine with. Perhaps someone can explain to me, as I do play poker live and has an interest in poker, why this environment would be fun to play and why the players I am seeing also find it fun, challenging, enjoyable to play....clones of themselves. Clones, Mechanical, Robot. Even AI are more interesting to play. 10K Table Typical Tournament Limp in on every hand and never raise unless they have AK, AA, KK, QQ. (They don't raise on pockets like 50K tables) Flat call a lead out @ 3 x blind of 300 (100 blind) Will obtain heads up 99% of the time if lead out with 500 @4 x times blind (100 blind) Fold to lead out of 3 x blind @900 (300 blind) unless they have A, K, Q, J, 10 combinations or Ax. Will check it all the way to river with monsters or nothing...and bet on the river if they have a high pair... ... if bet into on river, will go all in with a high pair ...ignoring any flush, trips, straight on the board Min raise or 2x blind (max) when raising (normally on the river) Hardly any re-raised and normally all-in if it is a re-raised and normally on the river IM-Humble-O This is so mechanical, robotic, and every single player on the tableI have come across acts exactly the same. How can anyone find this fun to limp and "check" all the to the river, before making a min raise - 2 x blind bet, follow by folding and once in a full moon calling. To do that over 100s of hands and not even playing fast. I simply cannot get my head around how this is playing poker. Is that the range or limit these players have in understanding the no-limit hold em...are we really talking pedestrians here? Lastly, if that is the case, I don't mind, but this is 10k, and the next 2 levels are 50k and 100k. Recently, there is even a reduction in 100Ks tournament to finding players on the games (UK time, normally evening 9pm to 4am), and there is close to none of the 200k. 50 is not any better, and these players play tighter and fold more, but similar formula. 10k = calling station 50k = tight all-in, no raise, random all-in bluffs 100k - tight aggressive chasers (TAG Fish) Q: How is the game enjoyable playing this way (10k wise)?!!!