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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion for tournament playing is, if players have the buy-in fee and win tourney, that we could jump up too that specific BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM OR DIAMOND badge. Agree or disagree?
  2. Hello, I noticed that people are scattering in suggestions in random posts about what they would like to see implimented into prominence poker, which is cool but would be nice to have a specific place for people to give feedback. its hard to know what has and what hasnt already been suggested. I will give a few sugguestions which Im 99.9% Sure would have already been suggested already. Multi-Table Tournaments for both 6 players and heads up. 9 player tables More Customisable options like Body Features, Accessories, clothes, tattoos More / Different Emotes (Maybe purchasable emotes that can be 'equipped' Purchasable Player Housing - With a poker table, and ability to invite friends to show off trophies / house or sit down and play a private game. Introduction of other games, like Omaha, or H.O.R.S.E *Once Multi-Table Tournamets* are implimented you can have a once a month event where the Developers of Prominence Poker must play and have a bounty on their heads for $$$ CHIP REWARD $$$ Play 5 Tournaments or more games in one day and get a roulette wheel chance of winning $$ Chip Prize $$. For Prominence Poker to have its own 'FRIEND LIST' so you can add friends from the tables without having to clutter your Steam / PSN / XBOX account with unknown - unfamiliar friends. Seasonal Events / Level Decorations / Haloween / Christmas / Masks, Accessories (Like the Santa Hat...) But MORE MORE MORE. Wouldnt it be wonderful to Merge together XBOX / PS4 and PC to be able to play together, some games have this feature. XBOX Avatars - Ability to use them on tables. The abiltiy to have VIP Status above head, like Pokerstars VIP Stars. Bad Beat - Jackpots AAA10 beaten by quads or higher to qualify 50% to the loser, 25% to the winner, and 25% shared equally amongst the remaining players, Both players must use both their hole cards. Maybe 10,000 or 100,000 ring games and higher to qualify... Introduction of other games, such as Blackjack, Three Card, and other casinos games... (You have the Casino Level so you already have the 'level environment' And... im running low on other ideas... Please anyone else reading this feel free to hit the 'Reply Button' and introduce your ideas. Some of my ideas are good, some of them im really stretching, hope you consider some of them, maybe spark some interest.
  3. I was wondering if maybe we could have images of poker cards added to our options when we post. For example we can click a button for smilies, it would be cool if we could click a button to post images of cards and suits. For example, I could write in a strategy article Ah, Kh, 9c to represent a flop. But instead of writing out Ace of hearts, King of hearts, and 9 clubs it would be great if I could just click a button, click the card and suit and have an image of Ah, Kh, 9c posted. I think this option would make it easier for strategy article writers to illustrate their posts. It would let readers follow and grasp the articles easier. I know one can post these images from a photo bucket or flickr account ect. But its a pain to have to cut and paste the links side by side, more so when one has an in depth article filled with starting hands and flops trying to be illustrated. So yeah having the ability to just click the Ace of spades or Q of hearts ect would make it easier for people to post their hand histories, and for people to post strategy articles. I hope its something one of the developers would consider for this forum site. Thank you,
  4. I was playing last night and I finally figured out how to precisely raise. The game centers the raising based on your last raise. I was playing a ring game, and opened to 30 (5/10 blinds) and the same guy who had been raising to 100 every single hand made it 105. I realized his opening range was mega wide, so I decided to 4 bet him. In Holdem a good 4 bet size is about 2.5x-3x the 3 better (reraiser). So I knew I wanted to make it about 270. So I had to add 240 to my initial 30 to make it a raise to 270 total. It shouldn't be that way, I shouldn't have to do math to figure out exactly where to slide the raise to. I should have just been able to point the meter to 270, hit A and my raise is to 270. Postflop if pot is 180 and I raise to 90, and someone min raises to 180, well I want to reraise that to 540. I should just put the meter to 540 and my raise is 540. I shouldn't have to subtract 540 from 90 to get the the number I want. It just slows the game down and I'd like to use the time to think more about what the opponents ranges could be. I don't want to use my time to make sure I get the raise size right. So please can you guys consider simplifying the raising. What ever you point the meter to that will be your final raise. Its easier and more intuitive.
  5. Similar to the Bug Report thread, this thread is where i will post ideas i get while playing. This way i dont flood that forums with new threads. Here are a few suggestions. -Ability to have a "blank" nickname (not sure if possible yet, could not find a way to have no nickname) -When playing Mulitplayer, Make the "timer" around the check/raise/fold Larger. Possible Color it like "Yellow/orange/red" for when the time is getting low. I find it sometimes i miss my turn if chatting or looking away -Add Sounds to the 50% time left, 25% left and beep when at 5% left (Addition to above) -Dynamic Chip Count, What i mean by this is have the amount of chips on the table represented correctly. As of right now, if i bet 500 then raise 500. The raise just gets added to the pile but the image/graphics of the chips stack does not change. -Two nickname ideas. 1. For showing your cards every hand for a whole tournament (The Show-off) 2. Not showing any cards for a whole tournament (I'll Never Tell) -Custom back drops, The image that shows when we go all in/win. Would be cool to customize it. Maybe with images from beating a certain boss or reaching a certain level. Or just random pictures created by the devs. This way players can all have different backdrops -Better character customization, Instead of full outfits. Let us miss and match what we want. Or even as little as we want... boxers/underwear if we really wanted to. Would be cool to actually show off those tattoos. Also the ability to design out own clothing and tattoos would be cool. There is a game called "APB: Reloaded".... most of the players only stay because of how much you can customize your toon. Devs check out that game or videos when you get a chance. Just for the customization ideas. The ability to make any image you want, any song you want...ect. Really brings people in. It could open up an In-game market for player made items. People selling clothing and tattoos that they made. Or even a 5 sec song that plays when you win a hand.