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Found 2 results

  1. Suspicious hands and irregular shuffling Hello I've been playing this game for several months now. In one-to-one games, I find extremely irregular hands and VERY suspicious movements (hands). The last 2 weeks, I have lost incredible hands. The last I remember, I had a Full House my pair 22 + 2 3488K (on table). And my "opponent" had KK, which was completed in the River. What are the odds? In real life, I've never seen this behaviour. That was just ONE very unfortunate hand, and very very suspicious. I'd like to know the algorithm behind this game. In my opinion, and after seeing these hands, I'd say it's not completely fair. There's some "arranged" component or something, that prevents you from winning almost for sure hands. I'm starting to believe that one-to-one games are monitored or pre-arranged by some cheaters. It's really a shame, because if things like this continue to happen, I will delete this game.
  2. I'm sick of seeing people play aggressively and to leave table only to return seconds later with the minimum buy in. Not only is this not allowed in real casinos or real poker software. You have to return with exact amount of chips you left with or wait an hour to play that buy in again. Or you can buy into another buy in amount which wasn't the one you left It's not fair to lose your chips to someone and then not being able to win the chips back because they banked the amount and then returned