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Found 2 results

  1. [REDCATED] Thinly veiled attempts to call people out on the forums are still attempts to call people out on the forums. -- Nex
  2. Hi everyone. I had 160 gameplay hours on game and it's increasing while we talking now. This is my all-time favoried poker game for sure. I hope it would go better for you guys anyway. I just having concern about something. There are few people that I continuously come across in game (mostly on 5K tables) and they always go all-in when the flop is not opened yet. I'm not talkin about 1-2 times all-ins, they do this non-stop in game when they lose/raged. Honestly It's really annoying after a while. They reduces playfun and the game becomes intolerable state. Most importantly they simply don't care about game or their chips at all. Just wanted to ask: do you guys have any plan to deal with this problem except rank system? Because some of their levels at beteween 25-50 too. Thanks for this beautiful game and sorry for my crappy English. Best regards.