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  1. Mine has been down for 5 days! Just glad everyone is feeling it now, not just me. Re-downloaded 8xs, at least. I even tried deleting my saved data. Sure hope I didn't loose everything!!!
  2. NOT A SCAM BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO BUY? That's kinda a scam. No need for it. Just sucking out a few more because they can.
  3. Now I just played 2 5k tournys and my stack went down 20k. WTH
  4. Well let's see, the more chips they get out of you, the more they get to sell. Why would ANY game charge you money to level up? I bought some chips the very first day. One week later I turned off my Xbox with 800,000+ turned it back on with just over 100,000. Now 2 days in a row I had it on before my daily cut. Clicked the X button to claim and got nothing. Lurking a month old thread? No, just joined here to see if anyone else was having problems too. Conspiracy theorist or nut? REALLY? Because I have concerns about a game that should be listed as BETA still?
  5. Yet another way for them to steal chips from you. But yes, he is correct.
  6. For me, I can hear people in the lobby, but when the game starts, so does the chat. I figured the game wasn't supporting chat fully yet.
  7. I started with a male avatar until I saw the first person with a female. I went and switched and got an achievement! Girls look much better. I'd rather look at a hot chick anyway
  8. Yes, yes there is and it's BS. The "RAKE" in a poker game is to pay the Casino for using the room or table, pay the dealer and overhead. For a VIDEO GAME TO TAKE A RAKE IS A SCAM.
  9. I noticed that the Ranked and Boost have disappeared off the menu. So are they not going to have Ranked games?