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  1. Who's comparing? I gave you two answers for the resets because you asked about both player rankings and Ranked leaderboards. Both reset for similar reasons. (PS: I took the liberty of deleting the duplicate message you created.)
  2. It would have two effects: 1) It would drastically decrease the difficulty of gaining those rewards (in turn upsetting players who previously earned the rewards the hard way). 2) It would probably do little to increase the number of people playing in those high-tier, ranked tournaments, as the issue there is not "people sitting on a tier because they're scared of losing a relatively small number of chips" but is instead an overall lack of players capable of and interested in participating in those high-tier tournaments at times that line up with whatever schedule a person might have in mind.
  3. Realistically? It's not a strategy. It's somebody doing whatever they feel like, and it happened to work out for them.
  4. You're welcome to disagree, but letting people attain a rank in a matter of days then rake in millions of free chips forever whether they're playing or not is not something we're going to do for reasons that should be pretty obvious. As for player ranking resets, we don't want players to get complacent. If you're good enough to be at the top of the rankings, great! But that's a lot less impressive than if you've got the skills to stay at the top consistently. Without resets, the rankings would be dominated by one or two players who put in very little effort after achieving the goal. Let's use the bankroll rankings as an example, and let's say a player drops $10,000 on chips. They would immediately rocket to the top of those leaderboards, and outside of spending significant cash, there's very little chance anyone would be able to ever catch them. Since we don't want to push people toward spending cash, that leaderboard suddenly becomes pointless in the eyes of competing players -- unless there are periodic resets. We'd rather not have one or two people climbing the ranks, then sit there forever with very little effort required. Hence, resets.
  5. Same thing happened to me on the stream yesterday. I only won one match, but since I was playing against high ranked players, I started in Silver, despite ending last season in Bronze.
  6. First, congrats on all your hard work! Second, the Diamonds affiliation is coming in our next major update. It will include a new Affiliation, boss, singleplayer games, clothing items, a higher level cap, and a number of other things.
  7. We care. Nuking the game's economy for the benefit of people who aren't playing the game is something we're trying to avoid.
  8. Sorry, but I've gotta lock this one. Don't call people out on the forums.
  9. That depends on a number of factors including where they placed at the end of the prior season, and the ranks of the other players in those provisional games.
  10. Try to keep the personal attacks to a minimum. You've now got a warning.
  11. That's very odd! I've got a few questions: 1) How long has this been occurring? Is it a new issue, or is this something you've been dealing with for a while now? 2) What platform are you playing on? 3) When you say "constantly changing," what exactly do you mean? Is the timer wheel running down faster than it should be? Does the wheel not show up at all?
  12. Oh! Well, that's great! I'm glad things worked themselves out. If it ever happens again without reverting back to normal, let Customer Support know.
  13. Yeah, pretty much. At least with this one central thread, all of the information we've presented and all the arguments around that are in a single spot.
  14. It sounds like you should submit a ticket to Customer Support: https://support.505games.com/en/support/solutions/folders/6000217694 There's a link at the top-right of that page where you can submit a ticket. Explain what happened, include as much detail as possible (when this happened, your bankroll before and after), and they should be able to look into things.
  15. The Boost Bonus you're referring to can't be activated by players. Currently, it's used for special events. For instance, when a new player starts playing Prominence Poker, they have a Boost Bonus for 72 hours.