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  1. Hello, good developers of Prominence Poker. First off, thank you for creating a game I look forward to playing. It can be extremely fun to play, as evidenced by my hours played. So I am presently a *Gold* rated player, which is great. I'm super excited about that and might even send out tweets to all my 5 followers, but probably not. Once you reach the gold status, however, ranked tournaments are difficult to come by. Will this be fixed anytime soon? I'm want to reach the #1 position in ranked tournaments, but cannot because unfortunately the players just aren't there. I wouldn't mind playing against 5 bronze players, 5 provisional players, whoever, even if it meant losing ratings points. I just really like playing tournaments and really wish the system didn't put me at such a disadvantage when it comes to playing ranked tournaments. I think if 6 people are trying to play in a tournament, regardless of their rank, then a tournament should start. Let the chips fall where they may if you will. So,,,,,will this be addressed soon or no? That's a long comment. Sorry.