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  1. Table item suggestions: - French fries on cardboard - Maneki-neko (This would be amazing if the cat waves his hand continuously) - Some sort of camera (Like analog cameras) - Wallet and car keys next to it - Plant in a pot (Flytraps would be sick if you guys consider to animate it with flies) Don't know you all but my favorite is Maneki-neko (waving cat) Thanks.
  2. "Ever tried. Ever failed.No matter.Try Again. Fail again.Fail better."-Samuel Beckett
  3. You developer guys ever think about this, or even better you making it while we're talking? I have so many friends can't playing the game just because of this :l
  4. You should make a block list for the game. When someone troll the table with non-stop all ins, or bother the game/players anyhow we could block them so we never play with them again.
  5. The gun model isn't too big?
  6. Yeah seems like there's not much to do about it. Least for now. Thank you for fast respond, you guys are kind.
  7. hOwl

    Play Against the Devs!


    How can we join in-game events?
  8. Hi everyone. I had 160 gameplay hours on game and it's increasing while we talking now. This is my all-time favoried poker game for sure. I hope it would go better for you guys anyway. I just having concern about something. There are few people that I continuously come across in game (mostly on 5K tables) and they always go all-in when the flop is not opened yet. I'm not talkin about 1-2 times all-ins, they do this non-stop in game when they lose/raged. Honestly It's really annoying after a while. They reduces playfun and the game becomes intolerable state. Most importantly they simply don't care about game or their chips at all. Just wanted to ask: do you guys have any plan to deal with this problem except rank system? Because some of their levels at beteween 25-50 too. Thanks for this beautiful game and sorry for my crappy English. Best regards.