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  1. GeRich

    Easy Money

    Great idea! I'd like to have a Prominence Poker Set myself. We'll have to investigate once we get out of Early Access.
  2. GeRich

    Easy Money

    Thanks, guys! The Art team has worked hard to make this the best looking poker game around and its great to hear that everyone is enjoying their hard work.
  3. Hi @HeartfillFlora. We'll be announcing more about our other Affiliations down the road. In the meantime, make sure you pick up the Debugger table item from the Store. Its free to everyone who helps out with our early testing and won't be available after launch! Keep an eye out, we might have one or two other things in store for you before then...
  4. Hey, @Animalboy1968. In the Video Options menu, check to see if Auto-Detect Graphics option is on. Try turning this off and manually setting the Graphics option to a medium or high setting. Let me know if that resolves your issue.
  5. GeRich

    Easy Money

    Hi, I'm Geoff and I'm the Art Lead on Prominence Poker. I love playing our game, but I'm a self-admitted, terrible poker player. So look for me online in the evenings and weekends to make some easy chips!