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  1. I have a friend I would like to play poker with on Prominence, but we dot want to play Head to Head, how can we play on the same table with other people?
  2. Bro... You really have a lot of answers man, thanks, I appreciate it. This page is quite dead, I have trying to see if it moves but well, I guess you are at east a voice in the darkness... That said, the next question is... When I look at my stats, it waited until the end of the season to give the count on the Poker season, makes sense, but then is not counting either my tourneys entries or my tournament wins. I made it to silver, and it is registered like that, so even if a bug got the tournaments wins I have, why it doesn't even register the amounts of tournaments I have entered? Neither from the past season or from this season.
  3. Thank You Farmer. Now that I have you here.... Is there any logical explanation by the Prominence Poker Team, of why after 4 years this simple upgrade has not been consider? Specially when is so clear that most players want it.
  4. Did this ever happened? Is there a way to play on a multi table tourney?