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  1. There is nothing unusual about this isolated hand. As the original poster said, he was obviously likely to be beaten. What makes this unusual is the amount of times hands similar to this happen. If I go into a game of Prominence Poker and play for an hour it's almost guaranteed I see a couple of hands exactly like the one described. I will also so crazy high amounts of hands have several people with multiple super good hands like a flush, three of a kind and a pair of aces all in the same hand. Or an ace on the table and three people have aces. Countless straights won on the river. (This game seems to hand out a straight every other hand). No other poker game I have ever played or real life poker I have ever played has consistently had this amount of crazy hands happen.
  2. Is this game somewhat rigged? I've played for about a month and I feel there is another layer to this game besides random number generation. It's almost like it is designed to try to make hands exciting. For example the number of hands that are won on the river. And the number of hands in which one person will have a flush, one has a straight and another has a three of a kind. Or there is an ace on the table and 3 people so happen to have an ace. If I need a card on the river and someone makes a big bet I find myself thinking "It's Prominence Poker, go for it". I play other poker games and none have me this suspicious. My son plays and came to me saying the same thing.