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  1. Obviously, the AI program will select one player, and gives him/her every strong hand until he/she decides to quit the table... I just finished a tournament Feb 08, 12 noon FR time. i.e. This player - moncaddy91 - received absolutely every single strong hand in the game. Either he falls before the flop, either he won the hand. He never ever lost a hand! There is no need for a Ph.D. in computer science from MIT to quickly learn (after only 80hrs in a few short weeks) that this epic ludicrous AI system is completely retarded. 48hrs ago. One very same player received in 6 consecutive hands: (Spike butcher room) 1, 3 of a kind 2, suit 3, suit 4, 3 of a kind 5, suit 6, 3 of a kind So how it works? You are either going to receive absolutely nothing for ages......... Or going to be on a forever lucky draw until you mess up yourself...
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