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  1. >Not a bot >281 postts >complains hole cards are a problem in PP Shill confirmed
  2. Warpo, Furmuh Joon and you are empty buckets, but you're the wet rag of the lot. As if, gremlin. The only way you could win at poker is if you played alone against your mum and she let you win. Now go back to work and try not to molest anyone 👌
  3. Every honest person here with an IQ above room temperature knows the card shuffle algorithm is not poker but some weird programming stunt. That screenshot you posted happens all the time. They obviously don't care about players, the real question is why? 🤷‍♂️
  4. 👍I wrote a long winded essay on this a page back and all I won was the FurmuhJohn bot troll 🤔too🤳
  5. FermuhJohno either you're a bot or a shill that can't into reading. Half of wut u write it makey n0 cents long time. 🤷‍♂️
  6. If you play that much why would you complain about hole cards when a 1/4 of the reviews call this game "Bad Beat Poker"? It ain't for nothing. 47M huh, I've had a tilt streak that cost me almost that same amount so interesting number you picked. The fact remains that the game has dismal reviews with nearly all of them noticing that the deal isn't even close to random. It's spectacular in every other way. You can pretend that your opinion is superior to everyone else but you just sound like a shill, tbh.😂😂😂
  7. Do you actually play this game? Not a single review mentions hole cards as an issue. That is absolutely never an issue in PP. >conspiracy dun exists I remember when I thought Disneyland was real too. Doesn't have to be some nonce involved in a conspiracy just a goof emoting their identity politics into a dev meeting.
  8. How many less skilled players would play PP if the shuffle wasn't some kind of SJW algorithm constantly trying to equalize players by assigning a hot seat to a given player? More likely than not an insignificant amount because they wouldn't know the difference. The fact remains that the reviews for this game are a direct result of the dealing algorithm and nothing else. Look at the reviews for Xbox Texas Hold'emin comparison. That game has few reviews but a high rank, and the play is boring. The reason for this is simple: players LOVE the Prominence Poker game but hate the forced Social Justice Warrior dealing algorithm. If the game wasn't SPECTACULAR in ALL other aspects it wouldn't prompt so many dismal reviews; players wouldn't bother. That's because we want to play the game for its unique play but resent the forced equality in the deal. The only explanation for such a decision is that supervisorsmade the call, not the development team. Lots of gaming companies have been making similar bad decisions, like Blizzard for example, who try to change the world by injecting identity politics into their games. It's a dangerous game to play, because while Overwatch remains their top selling game, Blizzard's stock value has yet to recover from the initial fallout when they joined ranks with the radical left. Fortunately GenZ is rejecting their idea of promoting hormone blockers for young children and trying to normalize pedophelia in their degenerate attempt to tear down their betters. Time will tell. The money bet would be to listen to their users, but for the radical left and the financiers that purposely hire these perverts their agenda to create a class of carnal-driven, emotional consumers comes first. Since Pipeworks was bought by Foundation 9 and located in Irvine (where Blizzard is) they've probably been infected too, resulting ultimately in some nonce suggesting it would be "funner for everyone" if the cards were dealt in such a way that it would help even things out for all players. Sort of like you just suggested. Thus ruining the actual game it's named after and ultimately making poker players resent it and leave bad reviews. If it was indeed created as a revenue stream they sure missed out on a whole lot of opportunities as mentioned in my previous post. It's still by far the best environment but whichever comes first, an upgrade or a different game gets my mony. END 🤷‍♂️
  9. Regardless of whether Pipeworks wants to accept that there is indeed a problem with their dealing algorithm or if they lie about it or if they actually believe that post they put up about their 2 billion hands I'm here to help. Assuming Pipeworks actually wants an increased revenue stream from what would otherwise be a spectacular poker game. If it weren't for the faulty deals the game wouldn't have such absolutely dismal reviews, let's face it. For the sake of clarity I'll add a few of the many obvious repeating patterns: •Low rank / Noob bias •waaaaay more bad beats than live poker •up to 10% of table cards in a game having 4 of a suit •high rank punishment Of course these will all be dismissed by noobs, unaware dev team members, dishonest scoundrels and optimistic fools but my rank is in th thousands and I've played this game more than most. And yes I'm still here. But I've never spent a dime on this game. And yet even the bad shuffle algorithm can't be entirely blamed for that. It certainly and incessantly screams at me to wish and constantly search for a replacement poker game for my Xbox1, but I'd have probably fallen for the bait and bought some chips when Iwas still fresh if the chip packages weren't so patheticly low and overpriced. what bumbling marketing dolt made that call? Another missed opportunity was the ability to purchase custom avatar enhancements, like a fishing hat, or wings, or fancy knickers, or a hundred other items. Again, except for the lame shuffle algorithm I'd be a HUGE supporter. The game is otherwise absolutely spectacular; I love everything else about it. Imagine changing the dealing algorithm to a basic out of the box, standard library random function, adding new avatar enhancement purchase options, increasing the chip packages and lowering their price, and selling new venue add-ons; it'd be like a whole new game that nearly all high-ranking players would support 👍 Unless and until Pipeworks decides to fix at least the dealing function this game will continue to be a low-revenue generating could-have-been. Really a shame, I think, and an unfair thwarting of the designers of all the other aspects of the game. Probably too late for this feedback to be of use at this point but there it is, from a longtime player. At least I got to note publicly my admiration for the designers of the other aspects ofthe game. Thank you and good luck 💋