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  1. So many people complaining of your the way you make your games Pipeworks Studio, remind me to never ever buy another game with that name on it. Such a bad game, here is a few examples . I have been playing poker for years and never seen poker hands being dealt like this, and people.. never ever believe when they say it is random dealing and I'll show you why. If you really watch how your pre-flop cards come up you'll notice they will deal you a high card and a low card for example: K2, Q3, A4, you will get this up to 75% of the time. Another thing I noticed is the flop will always show potential straits or flushes, it deals you this so you constantly fighting for a hand and anybody that knows anything about strategy in poker knows exactly what im talking about. Which brings up the next topic, I just played a game, three of us left, I have pocket K's other person reraises me and third person goes all in with his pocket A's..I call and the original raiser has 10 6 suited diamonds, well he rivers his diamond flush and I noticed that this happens on a regular basis. I've seen people with a really high level and still playing in the bronze...hmmmm I wonder what that means...It means that he/she made it to thiis point because there were constant crap cards being dealt. Another thing I noticed and you will too is the good cards are only dealt to the player with the most chips so what that means is you pretty well have to double up right away or you wont win so please comment if you agree or even if you don't that's ok too..just want to here from you..thnx
  2. Wow am I ever glad you brought up this topic and has to be addressed, Prominence poker is like any other site I've played on..they say its all random dealing but if you understand the least little bit about computers you know that every program you run has to have settings or it just doesn't run correctly . One major thing I noticed when playing on these sites is its not the same as play a real game of live cards. I noticed a lot of things while playing online is when your playing with free chips people more likely to play more for luck than skill which makes it 10 times harder than normal because lets face it, THEY DON"T CARE, and I emphasize this because its so common to see..Something else I noticed is if you watch the cards your dealt its always a high and a low card pre-flop and also watch the whole cards will show you 3-4 card straits or flushes that makes everyone chase. All in all I know my game and personally I like going to a buddies place and emptying their pockets with a real no fake game of poker..DO NOT TRUST SITES THAT SAY ITS RANDOM DEALING. and never Ever trust a site that says they dont have bots..Have a good day