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  1. How often does say AK get beat by AQ because the Q pairs and the K never shows up? This has been happening to me a lot. I understand it’s a possibility but how is it happening so frequently? My K has as much of a chance as the Q but the Q seems to hit every time? Rigged for the losing starting hand to win? But the odds when you’re only relying on one card to win it for you and it hits every time!!!! Fix that. Your odds calculator in the coding must be off. This of course is for those head to head all in situations. It just never seems to work out when I have one card the same as the other but a higher kicker. It’s like it’s in the coding for the game to allow the lower kicker to hit something. I’ve seen it string a suit, pair, trip. But my higher kicker never does anything. It just doesn’t make sense the odds should be in my favor MOST of the time.