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  1. Happening again to me right now. Exact same routine and bets being made but different characters. They have to be computers playing. If that’s the case that’s so unfair COs I’ve used my own money to buy things to play against real ppl and now I feel it ore decided who will win and has nothing to do with skill.
  2. Who else has notice the exact same hands will be dealt in different tournaments? i went from one tournament to another and the exact same hands were being dealt to the same chair. So different ppl got cards they didn’t get before but the same cards were being dealt to the same spot. has anyone else notice this happening? has anyone else also notice a small group of 3/4 ppl go from tournament room to room acting out the exact same act so one of them ends up winning? funny how sooo many experts are on such a low level? Dress the same? Similar name? Play the same? Yep, seen this happen far too many times now
  3. What is “maga”? how do you send messages to other ppl while playing poker? im new to all this so still learning the game setups