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  1. You're a try hard troll. I can see that now in full living color. How do I know? This series of posting here for you and your Killer Hand (Royal Flush) Captain Obvious. LOL!! I wont waste any more time with you. lol. Play more cards, less trolling my friend. You are not good at it.
  2. Pretty stupid question. Not sure why you wasted time rephrashig it instead of just reasoning through the obvious. STEP 1. Person has no boosts and regularly places at least third in tournies but wants to do better STEP 2. Person reasons that, "hey they offer boosts and I can buy them. Boosts must mean better odds not a cheat". Ok, this Person wants to place better so they buy a boost. STEP 3. Boosts seem not to do what was advertised and actually make this person's playing experience worse. STEP 4. Bean counters and developers both say there is a 50/50 chance (probably higher in their favor) that dummies will say, "hey my boost probably needs more boost to work or it ran out and I need to buy more" STEP 5. Bean counters and Developers say, "PROFIT and MORE PROFIT!!!!" DUMMY BONUS: This person is not that stupid and says, "hey wait a minute, I bought a boost and now it does not work. Before I give you more money, please tell me why" . Developers and Bean counters? SILENCE......
  3. WATCH PLAYERS WHO PLAY AS WOMEN WHILE PLAYING THIS GAME AND GIVE ME YOUR HONEST OPINION. OK, I have done some close analysis of this game and I agree with the folks here who have complained about the wacky hands dealt. There are some weird hands that make me believe that the random number generator is a slight bit flawed in this game. But OK, I can live with that if its a random occurance. For the most part, this game is good practice and reasonable game play when playing other men based characters. Listen, I am all for women beating the pants off of men if they are that good. What I am not for, is what I keep experiencing when playing players who have chosen women avatars in this game. There is definitely a bias. Countless number of times, I have seen players with women avatars repeatedly getting premium pocket pairs one of after the other OR, other men based avatars will repeatedly have the best two cards on the flop and the women avatars at the table, will have the worst but hit 4 of a kind or some other wild combination repeatedly. At first I tried to ignore it thinking that someone on the development team for this game snuck in a slight bias along with the rest of the table items and boosts for women avatars. I figured I could out play the odds. However, the problem has gotten worse over the last few weeks. I bust my butt to beat all other players while these women avatars get this edge over all the other players. Then, when I go head to head, it does not matter what cards I hold plus, I get a series of junk cards for a long series of hands. No matter what I get, they will beat me on the turn or river. It has become so annoying that I don't like to play with women avatars at the table. So again, if you noticed what I noticed then ask the development team to check the game and patch. Otherwise, EVERYONE should play as a woman avatar. If the developers cant or wont fix this, then doing this will give everyone an equal playing chance. I often wondered why some of the women avatars I have seen play look really weird with purple faces or super weird accessories attached. Could be that other players have caught on and are trying to make their avatar appear more like the way they want to play vs. the way they are being forced to play with this glitch.