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  1. Quote me when I said that I thought buying boosts would help me win!!! I’ll be waiting, NOT.
  2. Why don’t you explain it to me. Tournament play is rigged, end of discussion.
  3. There’s no way in hades that the cards are random! NO WAY! Some serious tweaking needs to be done to make this a fair and impartial game. This game will decide who gets the cards and who is going to win in every tournament. There’s no way around the crappy algorithms of the game. If this doesn’t change and soon this game will become a bad experience memory to be forgotten.
  4. Since I stupidly decided to give the developers some real money I CANNOT WIN. Before the boost I could win and got decent cards. Since the purchase I haven’t even come in 3rd in any tournament whereas before I could easily place 3rd at least. This is game is very flawed, I wish someone else would develop a decent casino game!
  5. Ive won and been 2nd in several 10K tournaments the last couple days and especially today I’m noticing, after a full win, I got zero points. Not chips, points.
  6. We’re getting these errors today, 13 June 2019.