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  1. I'm winning enough,but playing it since start I see the faults in the game..including how the card play works. So much weird ways to get beaten that dont happen in the real world,at the rate it does in this game. Having 80 mill i know my Poker. When as you state it's not cost effective and at the same time i read in other posts that there are thousands of players active each month..then i wonder what it takes to support a game as simple as Poker. And also it's a reminder to buyers of game released by certain companies...that they are not too committed to keep updating the game. You see my point. As theoretically the best Poker game for the consoles,its a pitty that the company do not see the value in showing support for their product. It's not all about the money it's also about the reputation it gives, abandoning the game and its users.
  2. Since summer 2018 there have been no update..no roadmap..no communication regarding the development of Prominence Poker. Is the game "Dead" from the developers point of view ?? Maybe the (low) income from the game did not justify further development.... Either way,it would have been nice with some words from someone related to the development of Prominence Poker. Thanks in advance...