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    I'm a little late to the party, but yeah, I couldn't even believe that your actions would telegraph to the other players. That's bananas! Pre-selecting actions wasn't added to online poker to be a tell, or a bluff. It's convenience. So I can go get a drink, or run to the washroom. So if I'm not looking at my screen I'm not holding up the game. I'd never use such a feature as a bluff either.... imaging having the nuts, selecting "fold" to bluff.... and everyone acts so quickly I have no time to change my choice and I fold my hand! It's already a slight risk that as I select "call", the person before me raises the moment before I select my option, and I call more than I intend. This is a convenience feature, plain and simple, and it needs to be private, period. Anything other than that essentially renders the feature useless. Please change it!