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  1. Oh and when 5/6 have random set as choice the 1 person that selected gets their choice!??? How does that work?
  2. I believe your table selection process is unfair. You should random 1-6 to select which player choice is selected instead of majority rules. If 4 of 6 players select the table with dealer that should give 66% chance of playing that table not 100%. The people who are selecting the butcher table (example) should at least have a chance of getting their selection. Everyone pays the same price to play the game. It is unfortunate that the majority of tables are never played due to majority calculation. For those that may think I am trying to get my table selection; I always chose the casino table with dealer. So I am usually in the majority and still think it is unfair to ignore other people’s chance of playing their selection.
  3. Hour of the Skulls So we can actually display them for a reason once in a while.