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  1. I'm just gonna reinstall again, I don't get the timer circle when it is my turn though that s the issue
  2. Playing on PC (Reinstalled twice), just a casual ring game with 10k pot. It checks when no one raises and folds when someone raises most of the time but, I'm not in sit out. Have had my controller plugged in and removed, same issue as well.
  3. I downloaded the game about a week ago it was all going good. I could make all of my own moves and play how I want to play. Fast forward to today and the past couple days every game I join after a short while (2 minutes) with playing each hand (Raising, checking and folding) the game starts automatically folding and checking for me and when I pre-select check it still folds automatically. Its like im sitting out but I'm not sitting out. Please help...