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  1. l play on PS4. Love the game, hate that it seems like it's been semi abandoned by the developers? It would be cool to see even a few small updates occasionally. Before I tell you about the problem I came to the forums for, this forum is really non functional on mobile. I can't hit the enter button in posts and I cannot go back and edit what I've written. So jot that problem down. Main problem: Whenever I open a loot box, all I get is chips. I always upgrade my box because I'm trying to get Lewis' Lucky Day Coffee, which I presume you can only get from Epic Loot Boxes, as that's the color indicated on the item in the purchase screen. I've opened a lot of loot boxes, but lately I am ONLY getting chip prizes. Usually the 65,000 minimum, but I have gotten the larger chip prize, too. Are my odds really really bad, or is this some kind of glitch in the game? (Also my partner opened a couple loot boxes on their account and also got only chips, but they opened fewer than me so it's more likely it's luck for them, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it.) 🤔