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  1. Pathetic, just pathetic. I've only gotten one single store item out of my last 50 loot cases I think, maybe more. Just chips, chips, chips and only enough to cover upgrading the case. I'm thinking of not upgrading so at least I might get a nickname for something different.
  2. Nah it seems to be random. It just happened in one game just now, but it's not all the time or anything.
  3. There's literally no point to the loot cases these days. You upgrade them whatever, you only get chips about equal to the upgrading. What's the point even? It's pretty lame.
  4. I always show mine. You get the muck it reward and I don't find that it gives any great advantage not to show them.
  5. They really should just call them chip cases at this point. That's all you get.
  6. Dang, now i lost the rest of my chips and only have 150k.
  7. I got every item now and never spent a dime on the game. Just thought I'd let you know. Well, every item not locked behind certain things.
  8. Just wondering what you think is the best method. Is it best to just upgrade them all the way? All I ever seem to get is chips anyway though.
  9. xbox one Ethernet no I saw some posts that were kinda similar. I don't think it's my internet. It works fine.
  10. It seems to be freezing every other time I login now. Always at the midpoint of loading a table.