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  1. I'd like to see a new ranking for people who score 1400+ in a tournament season. Maybe call it Double Diamond. And improve the end of season bonus, of course. 😀
  2. As a consistent Diamond, I know the frustration of trying to get an all Diamond ranked tourney. For me, it's not enough to get to Diamond and stop. I want a shot at being the TOP Diamond. Plus I just want to play. Just last week I was so desperate to get a game, I played against all Platinums. Took 3rd, and lost 4 points. Never again. I thought of a feature that I think would help. Being able to send out a mass invite to a tourney. Say you're looking thru the rankings. Have a box next to every players name. You check the boxes of all the Diamond ranked [or whatever rank] to send out a mass invite to a tourney. This redesign is just a more colorful version of what we were doing before. Sitting there and waiting for the seats to fill. It does little to get people in those seats. I think a mass invite would help that. Just a thought.