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  1. Hey all! Due to Steam having a smaller community than the consoles, I'm all for anyone and everyone adding me on Steam. BittyPoker
  2. Hey! Great thread idea. No idea why people haven't asked you a question yet. How many casino hosts does a casino usually operate at once? Are ya'll organized by importance of patron? A couple handling the pros, a couple handling random people, etc. I suppose the answer will vary greatly by location. I'm thinking of somewhere like The Mirage, for example. But any info would be great. Also, is the competition for that job as steep as I imagine it would be? ♥ Bitty
  3. Thoughts and prayers with them. Anyone reading this, please let us know of opportunities to donate/help the victims.
  4. Club Henchmen & Boss Bug Hello! I just wanted to let the community bosses know about a bug I encountered. I beat the henchmen and boss for The Spades, received the rewards, but the game left those accomplishments unchecked and let me do it again. The first time I beat them, it opened up The Spades affiliation for me like one would expect. I also received the rewards as you would expect. It had no negative impact on me. The game just seems to think I haven't done it in the respect that it is allowing me to do it again as if it were my first time. I got the same rewards you would expect beating the henchmen the second time as you would the first. I don't know if that is normal or not. Anyway, just wanted to let you know. ♥ Bitty
  5. I have quite a bit of experience with this feeling in the past. I felt as if certain things were happening more often than they should. I've felt that with a variety of online venues, certain real life dealers/games. It took me actively trying to track things myself to turn me back to reality. I was simply playing poorly and remembering the bad rather than the good. As I have seen others say, I think one of the reasons people are quicker to bring up bad RNG in online play is the fact that there are so many more hands per hour. In the basement games I've played, ten hands an hour is fairly average. A little faster if people are lit. Online, you fly through so many hands that it feels like your bad luck is coming fast and frequent. Really, everything is coming fast and frequent. But we remember and react to bad things happening quickly more than we do good or mundane things. The faster games are played, the more discipline is takes for most of us to keep our head level.
  6. Bitty


    Hey, everyone. I thought a year and a half is long enough to say hello again now that I'm back. Glad to be back and stoked about the updates and changes I see in the game since I've been gone. I plan to be here a long time, this time. Enough real world poker for me! Gonna stalk around here with all ya'll. ♥ Bitty
  7. Once I get my chip count back up I will join you. I am currently seeing how long it takes me to go from zero (literally) to 100k.
  8. This is just where I will put little tips for people new to poker. First, a couple of disclaimers. I did not run the numbers myself for any of the percentages. All probabilities related to poker have been known a long time now — I have just picked up some fairly important ones over the years. Second, I am not a good poker player. I just have fun and try to improve. Take any tips not related to probability with that grain of salt. Note: All percentages will change slightly with the number of players at the table. The principles remain the same, however. Always compare the your odds of winning a hand with the size of the pot. If the odds of your hand are 4:1 and the pot/call ratio is 10:1, calling is much more attractive. Premium hands happen only 2.1% of the time. You will get bored waiting for them. Your hand being suited only increases your odds by 2.5%. That 7-2 is still a 7-2. A flush draw after the flop will succeed over a third of the time. Stick around. Flopping a set feels far more likely than it is. The odds of your pocket pair turning into a set on the flop is 7.5:1. Generally speaking, only a quarter of your hands should be played into the flop. The vast majority of hands are not worth playing. Take the freebie. The more people you get to fold, the higher your chance of winning. One of the most common mistakes is to try to coax along the whole table when you have a premium hand. All you are doing is increasing the odds someone will draw an out. If you have a premium hand, you want it to become heads up as quickly as possible. Virtual currency means there will be impatient people that act far riskier than they would with real cash. Don't give into the temptation to go all-in with them all the time. Play the odds and they will get bored and go to another table. More to come!
  9. Bitty


    Don't worry, I lost most of it today. Got knocked off the top leader spot.
  10. I'm stealing Khrymez's idea and just having my own thread so I don't make multiple and spam things. Don't allow players to disguise looking at their cards with an emote. Right now, you can bounce a chip off the table directly before looking at your cards and it will stop the 'look at cards' animation from showing. Add a hoodie with the hood up in the shop. That is an iconic poker look these days. Let us know how nicknames are earned. Unless that is intentionally exploratory, I suppose. Lower the rep reward for going all-in. This is poker with virtual currency, there are players that go all-in every other hand. You can grind rep pretty well that way. Add daily leaderboards. Once you hit the top for the current time period, a daily would give an additional thing to shoot for. That's all I have for now but I'm sure I'll think of more. ♥ Bitty
  11. Steam: Bitty I am on a lot, so should be easy to find. I haven't spent any real money on Steam, only playing free games, so it won't let me send friend requests. Someone else will have to friend me.
  12. When you are in the shop looking at table items, it isn't quite clear what they are boosting. Highlighting doesn't mention a boost at all. When you click to buy, it asks which boost I want. What is it boosting? Rep return? Card luck? It would be helpful if a little more information was given. Thanks! ♥ Bitty
  13. Bitty


    Hey! We were at the same table last night.^.^
  14. Bitty


    Hi, folks! My first day playing the game and I like it very much. Much better than other poker games I have played. The perspective, the atmosphere, the emotes, the character movement if you hover on an action and so forth. Makes it feel much more involved and fun. Maybe I will run into some of you out there. ♥