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  1. You are wrong. The RNG does not work that way. Sorry that you are bad at letting your brain detect patterns that aren’t there. Stick to video game poker. The real world will eat you alive.
  2. Why do people choose to act like the reality that the higher you get ranked, the harder it is to maintain that rank is a bad thing, and not a feature? If you want to get Diamond folks playing, subtract 5 points everyday they don't play from their ranking. No more making Diamond and sitting on your butt. Earn it! Top top tier is always going to be the smallest, there for the toughest to get matches. So those players are stuck playing in lower tiers in order to continue too improve. The difference between those that can play and stay in Diamond and those that can't is substantial. So rise tot he challenge, Some cry on the forums.
  3. Not only that, but different strategies for different tables makes sense. I’ve noticed the same issues, and realized that playing more aggressively was better as you move up. And clamoring for a turbo mode in a game in which the blinds are already going up to fast is basically asking for a bingo mode. The biggest problem is that the game does not teach well. And n my estimation, 75% of layers do not understand fold equity and that you need to adjust your starting hand requirements based on the ratio of chips to blinds, or M. The blinds go up so quick that many players do not realize they are short stacked. I cannot imagine how terrible the gameplay would be with faster blinds.
  4. One thing I would love to have is a detailed hand history of every hand played. Even if it was just a text file that we could have emailed to us, it would be really cool. With that we could use an app to turn those histories into reports and graphs that will show us how we are playing. I spent a long time playing Poker Academy, and probably learned most of what I understand about poker there, and it has an in game app that would track your hands, including your current game. A Sharks vs. Fish report would show who you lost your chips to, and who you won chips from, which can be really useful in Ring Games. Sometimes people believe they are playing well, but a report like this can not only show that your big stack is basically due to one player. When that one player leaves, suddenly the chart may start to look differently. It helps keep you honest. My favorite report was a breakdown of every possible hand and your history playing them. So I could run a report of every AK I have ever had, and it will tell me if I am making money on that hand, or losing. then I can drill down to each time I played it, and look at hands I lost money on and figure out why, looking for patterns. This atop let you filter to any combination, AKo or Ask, or pocket pairs. So I would go through and look for hands whereI am losing money. This is huge. There is nothing like a report showing a downward line graph of money you lost playing something like 56s. You start realizing just how bad its s to play certain hands. But the reason why I thin this would be worthwhile for the devs to consider is the effect it had on the community. The Poker Academy forums were vibrant with poker talk, and a big reason was that the game made these hand histories and reports so easy to use that we ended up posting them to the forums and discussing hands. People could chime win on what they would have done. It created a very tight community of folks that viewed Poker Academy, not just as a poker game, but a social app in which we were chatting with each other everyday, both in game and in forums. As a bonus, it was one of the best ways to shut down the talk of rigged cards nonsense. Instead of blaming the software, we had an outlet to find real issues with our game. Oh, there were still the usual suspects that would claim the devs were screwing them, but we had histories that could debunk most of it. And when someone made a claim, I could look through my hand history and find every hand I played against them and see if I could tell if there was a better reason to focus on. Usually, it's pretty easy to tell why someone is a losing player, and it is almost always playing too many hands, and calling too much, both things new players do, and both of which leads to an increase in flushes and straights. You could use the data to show why it is happening. Also, since with Poker Academy that app was built into the software, it helped everyone take their gameplay a lot more seriously, and the level of play actually really, really good. When I began to play well within that game, I also found that I was able to use the experience to play well in real life, both online and live. To be fair, I also read a lot of books on poker, but many of those were recommended via the forum. So, yeah, I selfishly want the hand histories, because I'm a stat nerd, but I do think it has the potential to be a huge upside to the game overall. And like I said, even if all you do is provide a way to download our hand histories, there are several poker trainer apps out that can take those text files and create the reports. You don't even need to create your own report creator, although out would probably help get more of us to use it.
  5. Sorry if I came off harsh. It is something I learned when I started playing live poker, and isn’t intuitive. I don’t blame the devs for not adding protections against this like you would see on a real money site, as I am sure it is complicated and could add another whole level of bugs and glitches to a free game. Mostly, I just wanted to put in pin in the idea that big stacks should be moved to another table by the game, which is the contrary to how poker works.
  6. Ratholing is not only terrible etiquette, it is a banned practice in casinos. And it can result in a black eye and bruised ribs if tried in a home game. http://poker.wikia.com/wiki/Ratholing
  7. No. First, what you are complaining about is an essential part of playing cash poker. A player earns that advantage. Further, if a player has won my chips, or has the chips I lost to another player, I want them at my table. That’s how you recover. And even if you are just a bystander, the last thing you would ever want is less cash on the table. The more there is, the more likely you will accumulate some of it. In fact, taking money off the table is considered bad etiquette. Some players leave and come back, a practice referred to as ratholing. You are expected to keep the cash on the table so your opponents have an opportunity to win their money back.
  8. Man, I’m having the complete opposite effect. I started Gold, but quickly dropped to Silver with some early bust outs. But then I rocketed from Silver to Platinum in just a few touneys, all in one session. I do wish people would get over their aversion to play down. I sat with three others waiting for a Platinum game to start while two Diamond guys sat there waiting. I eventually dropped to Gold when they got 5 guys. Turned out to be an ultra easy table, as I busted out all 5 players and took my 20 points. To be honest, I think all tables should be mixed. Playing a table of all Gold is easier than a table of Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Each level has its quirks, so playing against different styles requires more adaptation. Gold is easy because the players typically are dreadfully afraid of losing, so are easily bullied. And most at this level still don’t understand fold equity, and how play differs as your chip stack goes up and down. But throw a Silver in there, and your aggression can get you in trouble, so it requires understanding position and being better at reading the texture of the board. Regardless, the new lobby makes it easier for people to choose their path as it fits their style. But some more mixed tables would be nice, if folks would consider it. If you can maintain a ranking by playing below your station, you will become a better player.
  9. Just downloaded it, but haven’t played yet. Is this the Steam update?
  10. I’ve done it, and it’s a pretty amazing feeling. But if I’m down to 10 BBs, I am looking for a place to shove. Not going with 85o, but just making it from a chip and a chair doesn’t mean it’s a quality strategy. Do not ignore fold equity in trying recover from a short stack. If you wait too long, all you are doing is adding value and picking up multiple callers.
  11. Um, do you think better players want to play you? Ranking up is hard, and it takes consistent good play, because losing sets you back more than winning. That is a feature, not a bug. The spread of players among ranks seems well distributed. It won’t be if every bad player gets boosted up to avoid hurting their feelings.
  12. A hands played stat that actually reflects the % of hands one voluntarily puts money into the pot is very useful. Of course, breaking it down by hand rank would be even more useful. And while I’m discussing stats I’d like, I think stats based on what you see of your opponent would be cool, especially if you can access them in game.
  13. Can I just point out that Combo is making a similar rudimentary mistake that is common among donks. Top pair, top kicker is not not an all-in quality hand. Treating it as such means you are taken no on more risk than your hand can withstand. Likewise, over betting a decent hand, Q10s, means you risk playing a huge pot with a vulnerable hand. That fact that these hands lost to lesser pre-flop hands is beside the point. The reason you need to play conservative and slow in Bronze and Silver is specifically because the bulk of those players will call you down with almost anything. While they are easy to beat, you need to do it slowly and methodically. Otherwise, you are just as much of a bingo as the donks.
  14. I won’t play a poker game with faster blinds than PP already has. I would go another step and add levels, because the blinds are already going up too fast. They do it by increasing the blinds twice as much, or more, for each level. If compound that by lowering the time for each level, you destroy the integrity of the game. You are getting pushback on the blinds going up because it exposes you are being clueless about how Poker works. All you want are prizes, not good gameplay. No one is going to support that. I am thankful that PP is smart enough to have nice long levels, even if they go up too much each time. It gives you time to play before getting shortstacked and having to shove. And truth be told, players at the higher levels suck, too. Over and over I see matches where 5 folks are left and 4 of them have M’s below 10. No one is playing nearly aggressive enough and are just letting themselves get blinded out. They are almost worse to play than the bingo players. And you want to make that worse? Nope. Nope, nope, nope.