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  1. I tell you, anything can happen. I made platinum on my wife's account and the score is even higher than mine. Funny thing is that the last game I won I was down to one big blind on three separate occasions.
  2. Good luck! I lost platinum a couple seasons ago and never got it back so I'm just going to settle for it this season and shoot for diamond again next time. I've been playing my wife's profile in the meantime. What's interesting is that I've had a lot more fun cruising through silver. The games go a lot faster. I even tried dropping down to bronze once and got 2nd there for a measly 8 points. I don't usually try that. I did hit gold on her account today and so far I'm about halfway to platinum. Hell maybe I'll make diamond there, ..but not likely.
  3. 4 more days left in the season and I'm giving up. I went up another 6 points, then down 30 on a horribly bad beat. Then down again, then up, then down.. I'm still platinum but I am losing more than winning at this point so screw it I guess I'll wait for next season. So depressing to get that close and not make it... I know skill should win out over the long run vs. luck, but it seems like luck has a huge amount to do with it once the value of the blinds goes up. I seriously was dealt 7-2 offsuit four times in a row. I suppose I had my share of good luck too, but seriously, if someone goes all-in on me with three cards to a straight and makes the straight with runner runner one more time I am going to scream.
  4. I shall have my first diamond finish this season. Just one more tournament win in my way... wish me luck!
  5. What are the odds? I was just dealt a 6-8 offsuit in a heads up match, and kind of griped under my breath about it. Then the flop comes 668. I'm no longer griping. Then the turn and the river were both 8's - so I ended up with both quads and trips in the same hand. It freaked me out so much I forgot how to take a screenshot
  6. I realize that I didn't think the subject for this post through very well. I should have made it Ace hold card hands. Anyhow, I've been throwing away A-2 offsuit lately when there are 4+ players at the table and it seems to have helped. It's difficult to realize, but A-2 offsuit is not as good a hand as 8-3 suited. In fact A-2 offsuit is so bad it's in about the bottom 30% of all hole hands. A lot of players will see that Ace and play it immediately. Some even raise with it pre-flop. Not me, not anymore. You need A-9 offsuit or better to be in the top half of good hands.
  7. Here's one for you - I was playing conservatively and bombed out of a tournament that I sat in going up and down for an hour. First one out. Negative 30 points. So I decided to play another and try to get some points back. The very first hand I'm big blind and I get Ace-9 of spades. Nice hand, but I just check with the big blind. The flop comes and there's a 9, a J, and a 3. I've got middle pair and an Ace, but there's only one spade so my flush isn't looking good. I check to see what happens and everyone checks around. The turn comes and it's a 9. Woohoo I have three of a kind. One guy bets 450 so I raise him to 2k, but he re-raises me to 4k. I look carefully again at the board and a straight is not possible, nor a flush. I suppose he might have a full house but he'd have to have a 9 and there's only one more out there.... I'm thinking he has some kind of pocket pair and the only thing that beats me is if he has two jacks in his hand to make three jacks total. Maybe he just has top pair. Or, he puts me on a jack and he has two queens or two kings or two aces. That would be just fine with me. I mean what are the chances he will make a set on the river anyway. I decide to go all in. He calls me and I was right he has a pocket pair of 10's. Personally I wouldn't have gone all in with 10's if a jack is on the board, but ok.. whatever. It's his loss, I'm 99% sure I will win this with three 9's. What comes up on the river? A ten of course. Trip 9's beaten by trip 10's. I'm busted out and just lost 60 points in two tournaments in a row. So I really do feel your pain too.
  8. Most of the silver tables I've played do have 'shove monkeys' to use your term. Bronze tables all have them. I expect 1-3 players like this on silver tables and 3-5 at the bronze level. The best way to advance in my opinion is to wait until the two most careless players have busted, then start playing seriously. Gold games almost always last over an hour and 2 hours isn't unusual. I played a solid hour heads up just recently at gold level before finally winning. The entire match was well over 2 hours. In platinum everyone is extremely cautious but I think it's because it is so difficult to get a game. I've waited an hour just to get the game. I've never made it to diamond yet because I can't get enough platinum games. Generally I fold all hands that are not in the top 40 when there are six players, and only play aggressively with top 20 hands. During that time, I pay close attention to the other player styles and try to learn something. Ideally I will win one big hand early in the game so I can relax and let the players who are struggling get desperate and bust out. The bigger my stack, the more conservative I play but I do look for great openings to build my chip lead. One thing I've noticed is that almost nobody uses the ability to show your cards. Most people just hide them. Although this is the norm in live poker tournaments, it's one of the only ways we have playing online to manipulate the game. I like to show my cards when I have just won a big hand and wasn't bluffing. This sends a message that if you call me you better have the cards. It also gives me more leeway to bluff and I know that when people do raise me that they probably have me beat. So overall I do think the ranking system works. It's just very difficult to get games in the final two tiers. I've tried dropping down a tier, but this doesn't have very good risk vs reward.
  9. 8/52 is the same as 2/13 And "about 1 in 83" is the same as 2/169. I'm not sure why you wanted to quote some different math. I believe I was right..
  10. Hole card rankings @ http://holdemtight.com/pgs/od/oddpgs/3-169holdemhands.htm The rankings for hole cards with an Ace are interesting. K,Q,J,T,9,8,5,7,4,3,6,2 All the suited hands are ranked in the top 39. For the offsuit hands, the rankings are much lower with huge drops in power when you get below an A+10. The reason I decided to look at this is because I was watching a poker tourney on TV recently and one of the commentators who is also a player said that the A+5 was a good hand. I thought well, ok sure it has an ace but how often do you see 2,3,4 on the board? But apparently it is about the same as an A+8 in power. Still, I don't often give a lot of thought to how quickly the odds to win drop for A+9 offsuit and lower.
  11. I can't say for sure that the cards are randomized properly, but I think that experienced poker players all know that there are runs of bad cards that can last for a long time, and then runs of good cards too. I've had games where I lost every hand, but usually it's because I folded a lot of hands that ended up being straights, flushes, and full houses. I still don't consider it a bad choice to fold those hands because it's better to have a solid strategy than it is to play hoping you'll get lucky.
  12. Unlike the OP I am not a professional poker player, nor even an amateur. I enjoy watching poker tournaments however, and I've played Prominence Poker for about 7-8 months now. My tournament score is currently 1244 which is quite good for me. I've won 5 of the last 7 tournaments I've played, and taken 2nd in the other two. Of course now that I've said this I'm sure to lose the next one, but I keep expecting that to happen anyway. In all the time I've played PP I have always been a little bit suspicious of the card shuffling. What I've experienced: 5-10: I get this hand constantly. At firs t I considered it lucky because I won with it a couple times, but now I just muck it. I can't recall a tournament where I didn't get it at least once. Often I get it twice, sometimes three or four times. The odds of getting a 5 or a 10 on your first card are 2 in 13. The odds of getting the second card to make 5-10 are 1 in 13 on the next card dealt. So that's 2/169. If I play 169 hands in a tournament I should expect to get 5-10 twice. So how many hands do I play in a tournament? Uhm.. that's quite variable but let's say a tournament lasts 2 hours. That's a fairly long tournament. There's no way I play one hand every minute, more like one every 2-3 minutes. So maybe 50 hands. I should get 5-10 once every other tournament, not 2-3 times per tournament. Obviously this is not a scientific analysis but it just seems odd to me. To me this suggests that there is some kind of RNG that loads the odds for placing the first card in the 2-8 range and the second card in the 8-A range.
  13. By forever I mean that I start looking for a game, then go to the kitchen and fix myself something to eat. Come back, no game yet. Pick up my phone and check facebook for a few minutes, put it down walk out to the garage and break down some boxes for recycle, check back to see if I have a game, then go to the bathroom then hear I think I have a game, finally yep I got one. I guess it isn't forever but it seems like it. This doesn't happen for bronze level (usually). I play late in the evenings. I'm probably switching to play No Man's Sky. The game is incredible.
  14. I also find that I have to wait a lot longer now for a game. Before it would mix other players in and we'd be off and running. Now I sit forever just waiting.
  15. Last season I ended up platinum. This season will be silver unless I can get to gold tonight. I made it halfway through gold a few times but always busted back down, usually all the way to bronze. Since the update it's been a horrible experience for me. It seems that making all players the same tier instead of mixing in some bronze makes leveling much more difficult. But, I'm hoping it's just bad luck. I've had several bad beats. I keep running into players that will all-in on me with straight draws or flush draws then get the straight or the flush on the river.. It's been happening over and over I've tried playing very conservative but then my stack just dwindles down to nothing.