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  1. Unlike the OP I am not a professional poker player, nor even an amateur. I enjoy watching poker tournaments however, and I've played Prominence Poker for about 7-8 months now. My tournament score is currently 1244 which is quite good for me. I've won 5 of the last 7 tournaments I've played, and taken 2nd in the other two. Of course now that I've said this I'm sure to lose the next one, but I keep expecting that to happen anyway. In all the time I've played PP I have always been a little bit suspicious of the card shuffling. What I've experienced: 5-10: I get this hand constantly. At firs t I considered it lucky because I won with it a couple times, but now I just muck it. I can't recall a tournament where I didn't get it at least once. Often I get it twice, sometimes three or four times. The odds of getting a 5 or a 10 on your first card are 2 in 13. The odds of getting the second card to make 5-10 are 1 in 13 on the next card dealt. So that's 2/169. If I play 169 hands in a tournament I should expect to get 5-10 twice. So how many hands do I play in a tournament? Uhm.. that's quite variable but let's say a tournament lasts 2 hours. That's a fairly long tournament. There's no way I play one hand every minute, more like one every 2-3 minutes. So maybe 50 hands. I should get 5-10 once every other tournament, not 2-3 times per tournament. Obviously this is not a scientific analysis but it just seems odd to me. To me this suggests that there is some kind of RNG that loads the odds for placing the first card in the 2-8 range and the second card in the 8-A range.
  2. greg0422

    Update !!

    By forever I mean that I start looking for a game, then go to the kitchen and fix myself something to eat. Come back, no game yet. Pick up my phone and check facebook for a few minutes, put it down walk out to the garage and break down some boxes for recycle, check back to see if I have a game, then go to the bathroom then hear I think I have a game, finally yep I got one. I guess it isn't forever but it seems like it. This doesn't happen for bronze level (usually). I play late in the evenings. I'm probably switching to play No Man's Sky. The game is incredible.
  3. greg0422

    Update !!

    I also find that I have to wait a lot longer now for a game. Before it would mix other players in and we'd be off and running. Now I sit forever just waiting.
  4. greg0422

    Update !!

    Last season I ended up platinum. This season will be silver unless I can get to gold tonight. I made it halfway through gold a few times but always busted back down, usually all the way to bronze. Since the update it's been a horrible experience for me. It seems that making all players the same tier instead of mixing in some bronze makes leveling much more difficult. But, I'm hoping it's just bad luck. I've had several bad beats. I keep running into players that will all-in on me with straight draws or flush draws then get the straight or the flush on the river.. It's been happening over and over I've tried playing very conservative but then my stack just dwindles down to nothing.
  5. I think I figured this out. It's a group I joined or a friend, because when the refill is just one count it I see the name is someone at the table where I'm playing, but when it is 63 or some huge number and I check the name, it isn't anyone at the table.
  6. Correction, 3000 chips is max. It cost to refill your own table item too.
  7. greg0422

    Update !!

    I'm finding it harder to level up. Games all take much longer. I suppose it's because before I was getting some lower tier players mixed in that busted out almost immediately. I actually preferred that so I can play 3-4 handed poker. 6 handed is too easy to for people to constantly get straights on the river.
  8. It seems to cost 500 chips each per player at the table (minus yourself) so max is 2500 chips. But I still don't know how someone would refill my table item 63 times at once....
  9. I finally figured out how to give table item refills to other players on Xbox (hold down right switch and press Y) But sometimes I see "You got 63 refills from playerXYZ" How did this other player manage to refill my table item 63 times? When I do it the message says I provided just one refill to everyone at the table.
  10. greg0422

    Bad beats

    This is the best advice, I just wish I could take it more often. At the start when the ante is only 1% of your stack it's hard not to want to see a flop. Then when I muck the hand I see it would have been a full house. 🙎‍♂️ I find myself joining in when I get that A-8 suited on the next hand... and usually losing 10-20% of my chips waiting for the flush. But yeah when I have held onto my stack until the first two or three players are gone I've consistently done better. Not always, but usually.
  11. greg0422

    Bad beats

    I know how you feel. Sometimes it seems like I'm out of sync or something. I get a king and then the flop comes 2-3-9. Next hand I get 2-3 and the flop comes K-K-6. I'll fold the hands I should keep and keep the hands I should fold. I will get A-K and flop A-K, bet it up as much as I can and the other guy flops a straight on the river. Ugh... Last night I called a couple all-ins with A-10, A-J against K-3 and K-6. Of course the flop comes up with a K and my ace is nowhere to be seen. Frick.
  12. greg0422

    Bad beats

    Yes, last month was my first month. I have had some luck folding more hands but that's not always the best decision, like the one below. As you can see I had a full house and it would have been just about the end of the tournament. Oh well. I have to convince myself folding was still the right thing to do.
  13. We had a guy last night on the table doing this. He would make constant moves and was shoving all-in on nearly every hand. Even when he didn't have the cards to shove, he would win but most of the time nobody wanted to take the chance to call him so it just went on for 20 minutes or so. When he finally got knocked out, every player on the table clapped hands. It was a very joyous moment. Don't act like a jerk just to try and win a hand.
  14. So frustrating... I'm finding it incredibly hard to rank up in tournaments this month. There are so many players that will go all-in with 5-3 offsuit when you make a large bet on ace-king suited. Then a three pops up on the river and you lose half your chips or worse. If this were a cash game or a real tournament, people just wouldn't do that. Sometimes I wonder if this is teaching me any good poker habits at all.
  15. I am an idiot. I should have known there would be an Xbox controller button or switch for this. I think I recall seeing it once when I started playing a few weeks ago when I accidently pressed it.. but anyway the right switch on an Xbox controller displays each player's: Tier color Level Cash and stack rank in the current game Gamertag Nickname