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  1. I’ve sent a ticket and they got back to me saying that they basically didn’t know what was going on. I’ve tried everything above. I read around and found that someone having the same issue had the devs “hose” his account as follows. “From the dev who fixed it: "[Eylsiumseeker's] avatar definition was hosed and has now been reset." He was able to play after this action. Is it possible to do this for my account ? “
  2. I Signed on with another ID and it does the same thing. Just sits there and loads. I’ll try to send another ticket
  3. How do I do that? And from what I’ve read, everyone who does that is basically told that 505 games can’t do anything about it.
  4. It will not allow me to join a game. When I try, all it does is sit there and load for minutes then says I lost server connection. Have tried everything, reinstalled, hard reset my Xbox, even hard reset my router. Nothing, still having the same issue days later. What else can be done ?