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  1. Lucky you! We just patched mute functionality in today! The game should prompt you if you want to VOIP before you play, and you can change settings in the options menu under audio. Poot away!
  2. Hey, thanks for joining! Followed.
  3. Hey Allisonaxe! Thanks for bringing this up, it's an issue we discovered recently. I have good news in three forms: 1) Those are not your actual cards. The server deals your hand, and those cards are correct. This is a user interface issue that comes up sometimes if you're paused or doing something else when you get dealt in. 2) There is a workaround: Just pause/unpause the game (bring up the menu) and your cards should appear correctly. 3) It's already fixed developer side! Next time we do a live update, it won't happen anymore. (this is Soon, hopefully Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for sticking with us while we dust off the cobwebs! -Whiskey
  4. Heya Murph, welcome!
  5. I'm WhiskeyNinja, Assistant Producer on the project. Looking forward to playing with you guys! Message me if you ever want to play a round.
  6. Hi! We're planning on having integrated voice chat on the PC client. We don't have a saloon environment planned, but I think you'll like the biker bar environment we're shipping with, it's got a very similar attitude. Thanks for the question, keep em coming!