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  1. Not throwing a hissy fit, but rather voicing an idea to help improve QoL in the game. I mean, that’s the point of forums right? Welcome to forums! And you don’t have an obligation to share my concern mate, but felt the need to rely 🤔🤔🤔
  2. They’d be rare if they happened at least once. What do you call it when they never happen...False sense of hope? Hmm 🙃
  3. Yea I could, but that still doesn’t help when trying to earn the loot you can only get from a loot case.
  4. Nice. If only they fixed/updated other suggestions/ideas that fast 🤔🤔🤔
  5. 80/20 huh? That 20% chance of getting chips happens 99% of the time. A bit frustrating. I understand the breakdown of rarity and what the store shows, it just seems nearly impossible to obtain loot items versus chips. There was a period when all my loot cases revealed boosts, which again, is not a bad thing.. it just seems too consistently “programmed”. The randomization needs more randomizing, imo. v/r sarge
  6. - pot limits! I’m sick of ppl just going all in hand after hand. Especially for those trying to actually rank up. - bracelets and rings for specific tournaments or seasons - loot needs to be fixed. It’s difficult to obtain the rare loot. Even after upgrading cases, it seems all I EVER get when upgrading.... are chips. There has not been one time that when upgrading a basic case to a legendary case, that I have received anything but chips. And more than half of those chips are what I just spent to upgrade the damn thing smh.
  7. Anyone else experiencing duplicate loot frequently, or hard to obtain a variety of loot (other than chips)? Every single time I have upgraded a basic loot case up to a legendary case... I have only received chips. Don’t get me wrong, chips are nice but I’d prefer catching some of the rare loot items (i.e clothing, earrings, table items, etc). It never fails, upgrading = chips. The redundancy is disappointing knowing there are some pretty good loot items but no real strategic way to earn them other than “luck”. Maybe an update in the loot distrubution or making loot earnable through challenges/bounties? Anyone with similar situations and/or have heard of an updated fix in the future? v/r sarge