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  1. Everyone finally realised the random card generator wasn't random?? lol
  2. NoMoreLuke

    Is it just me...

    It is, quite simply, statistically impossible that the cards are random. Now, admittedly, achieving genuine "randomness" on a digital platform is difficult but whatever algorithm PP use is either woefully flawed or is intended to induce bad beats. Given that even a flawed random generator is unlikely to result in a huge increase in bad beats, I would suggest strongly that it's the latter. Action is promoted so the games are concluded more quickly. One surefire, 100% guaranteed way to speed up games is to increase bad beats.
  3. NoMoreLuke

    Is it just me...

    WHAT are you talking about fella?? You are talking absolute rubbish. This is Prominence Poker - there is no "rake"... Also, the house will NEVER take more rake than players win - they usually take a small percentage of the action (typically around 5%). If you are winning less than 5%, you are automatically losing. It is in their best interests to PROMOTE action, since more action equals more rake. Prominence Poker artificially promotes more action (and there is absolutely NO doubt about this) because it's a console-based game where people's attention spans are MUCH shorter than those playing seriously on poker sites. The more action and bad beats there are, the shorter the games.
  4. NoMoreLuke

    Know when to fold them

    90% of my folds have always been pre-flop and I have a win % of played hands (PokerStars - 6 player cash games) of over 50%. If I see the flop, I win nearly 60% of the hands. I never limp, even with pocket aces because, firstly, it means you don’t have ANY information about the other player’s hand. They could have literally anything, so when the flop comes, you don’t know where you are. If they have called you, you at least have SOME information. Secondly, you want to isolate as much as possible. Even if you’re holding AA, your odds of winning a pot go to crap if there are 4 players in the hand. One of the most important skills in poker is using your bets to gain information on the other player’s hand. Even when I’m fairly certain I’m losing, I’ll occasionally fire out a bet that, realistically, only someone with a made hand would call. If they call/raise, I know they are ahead. If they fold, then I win the pot. Either way, you’re better off. Checking gains you zero information and I only use it to trap very occasionally.
  5. NoMoreLuke

    Is it just me...

    Also, forgot to mention the least likely (statistically) of all the events that took place in that heads-up situation. We both got dealt pocket aces (split pot). Work out the probability of that happening, combine it with the other events listed above and you’ll see what I mean. And... Just to add another factor to the mix. Playing heads up results in your hole cards being WAY more likely to be favourable than when you’re playing in the early stages. Again, promoting action. In actual live play (or even a decent online site), heads-up can be a crapfest, enabling (and actually requiring) you to play hands that you ordinarily wouldn’t look twice at. Doesn’t happen on here because suddenly the hands improve dramatically. The example of this heads-up situation is just one example (albeit the most obvious one) but this sort of thing happens a lot. To anyone who has ever played a lot of poker (and I mean millions of hands), this game feels wrong. It’s not because of over-aggression by other players, it’s because the odds simply don’t compute. The randomiser is about as “random” as the shuffle function on the early iPods. Anyone remember that??
  6. Are you actually kidding?? That’s intentional? It’s utterly ridiculous. That’s hardly a “subtle tell” is it?? It’s the physical position of their hand. This game is utterly ridiculous
  7. NoMoreLuke

    Is it just me...

    I fully understand what people are saying on here but I would, in general, wholeheartedly agree with the original post. I play close to 500,000 hands a year of online poker. Have done for about 6 years. I don’t make massive amounts of money (low stakes cash games mainly, with the odd tournament thrown in). I’ve played in plenty of formats where play is incredibly loose (freeroll tournaments, etc) where people call pre-flop 3/4-bets with 72o without thinking twice but I’ve NEVER seen the sheer volume of bad beats that this game throws up. There is DEFINITELY something amiss with this game. Sure, if you play long enough and are patient, you do well. I think some people are confusing this and assuming that, because they are making “money”, there’s no major issue with the randomiser. Anyone who has played a significant number of poker hands using the Fisher-Yates (or similar) algorithm for randomisation will immediately smell something amiss. Just one example of this happened the other day, playing a ranked tournament. I reached heads-up with a guy who had 4.5k left (to my 55.5k). Over the course of about 40 hands, he one-outed me on the river (2.2%), hit one of 2 outs on the river (4.4%) and hit a 1/756 (0.13%) runner runner (needed the last 2 Jacks in the deck). He ended up winning the tournament and every single double-up was a bad beat. I’m sorry, but the chances of that happening over the course of 40 hands or so is ASTRONOMICALLY low. To the point of being statistically almost impossible. Anyone who says “Oh that happens in poker” is completely unaware of odds. It doesn’t. Bad beats are always going to happen but not to that extent. I’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of dodgy “fortune” too, so it does even itself out but my guess is that the “randomiser” is skewed in order to promote action. Not necessarily a bad thing and it’ll even out for everyone, meaning that skill wins out in the end (because chance is the same for everyone given enough hands). 100% the randomiser in this game is not “random”. I still enjoy it though.