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  1. As I have mentioned, the same issue persists on multiple consoles, with multiple profiles, on multiple internet connections. As I have also mentioned, support has notified me this is a known issue that other people are experiencing, including the support rep who answered my ticket. I realise people here are trying to help, and I honestly do appreciate the suggestions. However, it may be worth considering that the issue is not on my end. If it was a problem with my console, I would be experiencing issues in other games. If it was my network i would be having issues with other tasks that require an internet connection. Logic dictates that the issue is with Prominence Poker, since everything else works fine except for Prominence Poker. I sincerely hoped it was something on my end, as then I could fix it myself and be playing poker, rather than posting about it in the bugs forum.
  2. Nat is open, ports are open. Every other game and app works without issue. I can log into the game, navigate all the menus fine. When I attempt to join or start a game it fails.
  3. Just an update to let people know this issue is still affecting me, and I am still unable to start a game of poker. I have tried using different profiles, different consoles, different networks, nothing works. I still get the same error message every time. There is nothing else I can do to get it working, and quite frankly it is unappealing that i have to spend hours trying to get a game working only to have it fail every time. It isn't my responsibility to make sure the game works, yet I have spent a lot of my gaming time trying to get it to work. There are people that get paid for that and they are not doing a very good job evidently. Support has been utterly useless, telling me that they can not help. Although the support team stated it is a known issue I can not find anywhere that says a fix is being worked on. Fix the issue, please. You are losing potential customers. I certainly won't be spending money on a game I can't play. Friends of mine are also very hesitant to spend money on the game when it is known to break down like this. I enjoy the game, and have recommended it to people in the past as a great poker game. I can no longer recommend this game to anyone. I am still trying to start a game every single day, and will post again if the problem miraculously is fixed.
  4. I am having a similar issue, though support told me there was nothing they could do so for me they have been utterly useless. Strange that yours was fixed within a day, yet my game has been failing for weeks. The issue was clearly not on your end if you got an email saying it had been fixed. I really wish you could of asked what the issue was and how they fixed it because im stuck without any official assistance. All I can do is keep checking each day to see if it miraculously starts working, but i am at the point now where i highly doubt it will work again.
  5. I haven't been able to get into a match with another profile either, which does indicate a network problem, but network issues on my end were the first things I checked for. I suppose it could be something to do with my network, and I have done another full cycle of everything again to be sure. However, I am still unable to join a game. Maybe it is something to do with my ISP, and I will call them when I'm able. It just seems strange everything else is working fine except when trying to actually start a match in PP. I can log into the game and earn my daily cut each day, collect my rewards from last season and the related achievements popped without any problems. All other multiplayer games are working as normal as well. I was able to get into a practice match earlier, so evidently I can connect, but it isn't consistent. The next practice match I tried to start failed again, and the one after that, and so on until I gave up again.
  6. It could be, but im thinking it is more likely a server related account issue. I have attempted even logging in on another console without luck as well, so it is definitely not my console. The support person who answered my ticket also claims to be experiencing these issues, and says others have had the same problem, so it is not an isolated issue. According to support it is a known issue without a fix, and it seems the cause of it is completely out of the players hands. So unfortunately I can't even give anyone some advice as to what to avoid. I do hope it starts working, and will keep on checking it each day to see. If/when it does work again I will post here.
  7. Yes i did try your suggestions thankyou, and every other game/app is working normally. Nothing is fixing this issue. 505 support are aware of the issue but can not help affected players. Seems like a pretty game breaking bug that should be fixed and maybe will be one day, but right now i still can not play the game. Glad I never spent money on this game!
  8. I have submitted a ticket and been told there is nothing they can do to help. Guess I just don't play anymore, oh well.
  9. The xbox live issues have apparently been resolved, but I still cant get into a match. Also get the same error constantly even just trying to start a solo practice match.
  10. I was in ranked tourney game on Xbox one and had my game crash this morning. When I tried to log back into the game it all works fine until I try to start a new casual or ranked game. It either says 'Connecting' for a long time or it starts matching me with players, then a notification pops up saying the game can't connect to the server and boots me back to the log in screen. I have attempted all the standard trouble shooting steps but none of that helped. I also tried logging in with a different account and have the same problems, so maybe it is an issue server side? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Have just noticed Xbox live is currently undergoing some issues affecting core services, could be that.