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  1. The mayor has spoken lol.hey mayor is there any possible way we can get more beginning chips in ranked its so damn 🐢 turtly. Maybe even a weekend or monthy bigger events. Im on Full Tilt atm in real life. Lmfao 😲
  2. Im back 2 1209 plat going back in kid. It isnt real money its online so people play like that sometimes you win with a high card sometimes you lose with AK thats poker. It comes down to positioning and alot of other poker factors your soo silly kid. Gambling isnt 4 everyone. Just because you see a Ace doesnt mean you win lol i mean what do you want me to do hold your hand threw every poker scenario? Ok i havent smoked yet if you would like to get good everyones invited to my stream twitch.tv/halo3remastered
  3. I just won got to 1189 im going back in kid. Stop crying keep playing and watch the gd table be patient fold.
  4. Hey man i know it hurts bro i just lost 3 times in a row and lost over 60 ranked points and de ranked to gold it happens kid. Some times you take bad beats im simply saying theres nobody to blame but me i called the stupid early all in and cant win them all thats poker kid. All i can tell you is roll with the punches and get good. Keep your head up youll get there kid.
  5. Thanks so much mate. I have another suggestion the ranked prob should have more starting chips especially for the higher tiers. Ranked feels 🐢 turtly.
  6. You are right i did just get here. I've never been into forums people just complain and attack you, i just wanna have the maximum amount of fun and ive played this game since it came out on xbox so why not see what the prominence community is like plus i got some pretty cool ideas to progress this game, like maybe in high roller ring games maybe have a option for best out of 2 or 3 make it interesting 4 huge pots. So hello everyone im Halo3remastered yes that's my xbox gt im a master lvl poker player if you would like for me to leave ill go ,but if not then shuffle up n deal!
  7. Norm its me and 1 plat and all golds or me 1 plat all diamonds lol. I really just dont know some times when im loesing im thinking rigged but when im winning i love it thats why i feel like trust the mayor hes the only person with the facts an proof etc,and at the end of the day hes got the final verdict
  8. Hey its just a idea i get high an think of ideas, what about making this game on mobile so that the ps, pc, and xbox people can play together . An like you im not a programmer idk about the rng but the mayor said its good so i guess its good... And yea making ranked webcam mode definitely would not work. I searched for 45 mins last nite 2 find 1 match in high plat so i imagine what the que times would be like if webcam was required.
  9. Ok i revoted ,and you are good bro im new 2 the forums i wish they would make this game on mobile that would be cool. Everyone should watch that vid before voting for sure. My fav momment was when the spanish guy said "re-raise,no sorry i call", then everybodys all "uh oh you said raise". Spanish buddy said "i ugha no speak ey english". They force him 2 raise other guy calls and wouldnt you know the spanish guy had the nuts lmfao i love it
  10. Yea after watching the vid and smoking i agree with you bros thats not realistic and prob should be takin out of the game can i revote lol poker etiquette. The flow of the hand is unrealistically changed by the ability to see the decision ahead of time.
  11. Hey man if i offended u in any way i apologize, i wasn't trying to come off as egotistical in any way. I just want the game 2 be as realistic as possible especially since this game is using avatars. In my opinion there should be a option if not mandatory for ranked players to have a webcam/kinect and they should implement that feature into the game.... It worked on old school uno on xbox 360 ,but hey wat do i know im just a guy addicted to the rush of gambling L8tr all love bros.
  12. Hello im halo and im plat almost diamond on xbox. I play poker stars and many other poker games,but what stands out with this game is your avatars. I like how it has sort of a" im here with you feel", and i would love to see as many options for tells and bluffs as possible, show the ram movements i bluff with that cha cha with nothing. The preset actions should stay in the game higher tier players aren't having issues with this feature only noobs . Anything my opponent does i wanna see even if he hovers over the fold when i 3 bet. Keep up the good work, slow ques at night finally popped l8tr going for my golden stogie.