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  1. Hello. Id like to begin the letter by saying thank you......but not for the things you might first think. Yes, you and your team have created a really fun and immersive game. While I am grateful for all your hard work, Id like to thank you for something else. You see, one of my daughters is a special needs adult. She and I spend time playing certain games together every night. One of our 2 favorite games is Prominence Poker. She is more of my cheer leader than a player, but shes learned enough to keep me on my toes. The time we have shared while playing your game has meant more to me than I can possibly convey. We laugh, we make up names for players and on occasion, make a little money. I never would have thought a Poker game would give us so much happiness... its a win win ..even if we are losing - we are still winning. lol Thank you for creating a great game like this. Keep up the good work.