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  1. Its been nearly a year since deep stack was requested and nothing has been done. I get that overall this game has been forgotten. But really, is it that hard to have a deep stack section to ring games?! I mean its 2019 and not 2009, holdem has evolved from 100 big blind stacks to deep stack poker, where minimum buy in is usually 250 big blinds. I'll make it real simple for those who don't get deep stack. On prominence the 5k/10k blinds are for the 1 million game, because 10k x100=1million chips (what you buy in for). Here is deep stack poker, Again blinds are : 5k/10k 1 mil buy in is what we have now (10k x100) 2.5 mil buy in is 250 big blinds (10k x250) 3 mil buy in is 300 big blinds (10k x 300) 4 mil buy in is 400 big blinds (10k x400) I think a deep stack section should have a minimum buy in of 2.5 mil on 5k/10k and you could cap it at 400 big blind buy in if someone wants to buy in that deep. So yeah doesn't matter if its 5k/10k or 10k/20k or 25k/50k blinds, all that matters is we can buy in for 250-400 big bilnds. I don't think its hard to do and would bring Prominence Poker to modern poker standards with regards to ring games and the buy ins. I so wish we'd get this feature, would really be a shot in the arm for this game!
  2. I wish, would add a lot of life and variety to the game. All they have to do is add deep stack holdem (I mean really, how hard is it to allow us to buy in for more big blinds from the start!!?) and the great game of Pot Limit Omaha. I think they focused their strategy early on the tournament scene, when they should have focused on the ring game side first. Its a shame as they had a window to make this game truly great. Instead they decided it would be too expensive to develop the game further, and as a result the game stagnates slowly. All it takes is deep stack holdem (really its easy, let us buy in for more from the start, not hard) and PLO and some marketing and this game will be booming again. Oh well, enjoy the game while the lights are still on.
  3. In general deeper stacks favor the more skilled player. I think a 250 big blind to 400 big blind range would be perfect, it would mirror what we see in live games streamed online and on TV. The reason is that stacks are deep enough to see flops, turns and rivers, basically all the streets. All the equity in the hands gets realized and its up to a skilled player to manage the pot, and figure out if he's ahead of his opponent's range of possible hands. I see it all the time in this game, some player comes in shoving and he maybe doubles or triples up on a all in suckout and then they become kittens. They just sit there and hardly play anymore hands or if they do they just check/fold a lot. Its as if they don't know what to do with their large stack or are afraid of losing big to another deep stack. Which is why we should have a deep stack section for prominence, if people don't have stomach for deep stack they can play the regular buy in structure as is (100 big blinds). On menu it can read "standard/ deep stack" for ring games. I think in general for ring games you should only play at stakes you can afford to lose, and for that you need a sufficient bankroll, so managing that is key. If a game feels to big then one is at a disadvantage, as they will be playing scared money. For me the most I buy in for at a game is 3 times, if I lose 3 buy ins I'm done for that game. This way you put a cap as to how much you lose and you can preserve your bankroll and come back fresh another time. I think 20 buy ins (bankroll) for whatever stakes you play is the bare minimum. Ideally you'd want 30-50 to start playing a new stakes of ring game. I'm of the belief that deep stack ring game is the purest form of holdem one can play and really hope they add it in the future.
  4. I wish they would do away with ratholing on this games cash games. I hate seeing players double or triple up and then leave, only to come to the same table right away. Also we need deep stack poker for the ring games (200-400 big blind buy ins). I'm glad the tournament players are getting useful updates on their side, but its about time the ring game players get some much needed additions on their side too.
  5. Once people get to play deep stack they'll see how much more exciting and skillful it is. I really don't know why it hasn't been added already. I don't know if its hard to code the ability to allow players to buy in deep and rebuy deep. The only values being changed is the buy in. But then again I'm not a programmer, for all I know it can be more complicated than we think. Anyhow one post said maybe end of the year, so we'll see if they add it then. I hope so, as 100bb poker is stale at times.
  6. The difference is that everybody is deep stacked, there will always be a big winner with the biggest stack at any table. The difference is we have more room for postflop play as the stacks are deeper, in fact implied odds comes into effect with deep stack than any other format. For those that don't know implied odds is "Its not how much I can win now, but that I can win the rest of the guys stack if I hit my draw." I believe deep stack play is the truest form of the game, and requires the most skill. You have to play all streets of play, preflop, flop, turn and river. You'll see common types of Prominence Players who will have to adjust their mistakes. 1. The 10x preflop raiser, the person who raises absurd amounts preflop. They will find out that with deep stacks people have room to call and see a flop and win a huge pot. The better option people will pick will to be to 3 bet them preflop. After awhile the 10x raisers will find they are bleeding massive amounts of chips and realize why people tend to open for 3x. 2. The over value top pair players. These guys think top pair is the nuts and will pot raise it all the way through, part of it is they over value their hand, the other is draw phobia. In deep stack they will find that they are creating huge implied odds for players with their draws, but also they will get called or popped back by strong made hands like two pairs or sets. These guys will have to learn to check one of the streets and keep the pot small with just top pair. 3. The open preflop shovers, these guys don't mind gambling 100 big blinds a pop (even more reason NOT to make it 50 big blinds minimum), but they will soon find loosing 200 big blinds or more will suck. Either you get called by very strong hands, or if you have a strong hand like AA or KK all you win is the blinds. 4. People will also have to get better at their 3 bet/4bet game preflop. The best defense against 3 betters is a deep stack, as you can flat some of your hands and play postflop, you can also fold a certain % of your hand range, and then pop them back with a 4 bet with value hands and some bluffs. This will make the game more fun and nuanced. Anyhow just a few examples of how people will have to adjust their game if they add deep stack. I truly believe people will love this format once they play it, its the format seen on poker tv shows years ago, like Poker After Dark or High stakes poker, or the streams of today's games. Its also whats seen in live games at casinos and home games. Prominence Poker goal is to recreate that feel, but they missed the most important fundamental and that is deep stack. I can even offer a suggestion of how the menu would look like 1. Stakes 5k/10k (blinds) 2. Buy in (Players pick 1-4 mil) 3. Public-Private 4. Venue (if you're starting game) I really believe adding deep stack will make the game more fun and enjoyable, and also improve Prominence Pokers bottom line.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I hope its put in. But please no 50 big blind buy ins. The goal of deep stack is to not have any short stacks ruining the game.
  8. I was wondering if we could add an auto-top up option for the game. Where if I choose, I could pick an option that would let me rebuy any time my stack becomes less than the minimum buy in. For example at say a 100k game, I lose 10k in a hand, and now I'm at 90k. Well instead of having to press start and press rebuy I can have the game buy me back in automatically to 100k. This would save me a lot of button presses. Those who don't want that option activated can choose not to use it. Also on the emoticons option on the site (for the replys on forum) we see poker cards that are spades, but there are no hearts, diamonds or clubs. What happened to the other 3 sections? If the other 3 sections can't be made it would be cool to have the option to use a red heart, a red diamond, a black spade, or a black club on our posts. So if I want to break down a hand I can type in what the face card was and then pick the suit from the emoticon section. So say K(red heart), Q(red diamond), 9 (red heart). That's all we really need, the symbols, so we can break down hands more easily and in depth in the strategy section of your forums. So I hope either the 3 suits of cards are finished, or you at least give us a heart, spade, club and diamond (in their respective colors) on the emoticon section. Thanks.
  9. Is there any update to this idea? On the ETA it says none. I know the community would love this once given the option to use it. Its hard to recreate the feel of games being streamed on the internet when we're still in the poker dark ages of 100 big blinds max. I think its ok if you keep the minimum buy in at 100 big blinds, but please don't make it 50. I would hate to see the game become "Prominence Bingo" where the only goal is to shove your 50 big blinds all in, all the time. The general rule is, the deeper the stacks the more skill you should play with, because the mistakes are bigger and more magnified in deep stack, but then again the rewards are bigger too. Anyhow I hope you add this feature, or at least let us know a possible ETA, like Christmas, or "Never, we are Poker Scrooges, Poker Christmas Denied! " Thanks
  10. Oh my, I am really excited that it seems you guys are going to add deep stack to the ring games. I believe this will make the games better. I always notice the pattern in ring games, usually some one comes in shoving all in. But once they double up or triple up they get really conservative, they value their chip stack a heck of a lot more. I think having the minimum buy in at 150 big blinds is great, it would be harder to just come in and keep shoving, and if they do they will go broke faster and learn to actually play with some post flop skill. Also having deeper stacks means the river becomes more of an important street than it is now, as check raise shoves and all ins will really put people to the test. As it is now the turn is where most of the decisions are made, as its where most people shove. Deep stack also emphasizes more postflop play and pot control, also balancing ones betting lines and value ranges. I really hope this feature is added, if not it will feel like parents teasing their kids they got them a awesome toy, only to say "oops sorry, here is a sweater instead." P.S. Please DO NOT let people buy in for less than 100 big blinds. One post suggested letting them buy in for half of what they do now. If you let people buy in for 50 big blinds it will be allin, all the time. If they don't value 100 big blinds as is, they will value 50 even less. They will come into a room with what would be twice the number of buy ins and figure "I can go all in 100 times in a row, lets just shove and see what happens." Their goal would be to have everyone go all in and try to double or win 6 stacks at once. Then leave with profit and then come right back in (still haven't fixed the issue of people leaving with profit and coming right back in for minimum, they need to sit down with their profit if coming back right away to same exact table). So yeah doesn't matter if we can buy in deep if some poker terrorist decides to buy in super small at 50 big blinds and just shove all the time and then leave when they win. There would be no more game and people would stop playing your game. I know one of your competitors (they are big and start with a Z) allows people to only buy in for 10 big blinds. Well the bots and regular people figured that out and that is all most buy in at, and they are now wondering why their numbers are down. So yes add deep stack and make the minimum 150 big blinds, but do not let people buy in for half of what they do now, it would destroy the game.
  11. Oh wow, thank you a lot has changed on the forums and game. For awhile it seemed like the game was abandoned, but its great that the previous ideas mentioned are going to be added. That's awesome, the roadmap feature. Oh wow, that was very fast, thank you for the response. That is awesome. P.S. On the deep stack idea, please do not let people buy in for even less of what they do now. What makes deep stack special isn't so much the max one can buy in for, but the minimum. If you let people buy in for half of what they do now, it will be all in all the time. What's the point of me buyin in for say 3 mil at a 5k/10k when someone just keeps going all in at 500k buy in every time. I don't want to play tight waiting to win a measly 50 big blinds. It would kill the skill and kill the game. It should be raise the minimum buy in or keep it as is, but please do not make it 50, unless the goal is to bring down Prominence Pokers numbers and end the game.
  12. I enjoy the game, but I was wondering if we'll ever raise the cap on the buy ins. Right now its capped at 100 big blinds. So at the 1 mil game, its 5k/10k blinds (100x10k=1 mil). I was wondering if we'll ever get the option to buy in for 2 or even 3 mil at the same game. So if I was to enter a game I could have the option to buy in from 1 mil all the way to say 3 mil. I'd like this because I could match up with the big stack and win a lot more if I hit the right hand. Also deep stack is much more fun and interesting in ring games. Its what's played on TV and streams and Prominence is all about replicating that environment. To do so we need higher buy in caps, I think that is something that should be easy to implement. Also why is there not a 2 mil game. There is a big gulf between 1 mil and 5 mil. Every other game has a 2, for example, 10k, 20k, 50k....or 100k, 200k, 500k. Yet there is no 2 mil game for the million dollar games, why is that? I like to gradually go up the stakes as I build my bankroll, but 1 to 5 mil is like crossing the Grand Canyon. So adding a 2 mil game would be awesome. Also can we eventually add PLO, I'm sure everyone would enjoy this game. It would add variety and keep people interested in the game. It is the 2nd most popular variant of poker right now. Its great action and coupled with higher buyins would generate more chip business for you. So its win win. Anyhow hope you can add higher caps for buyins, a 2 mil game and PLO. Thanks.
  13. I think having it capped at 200 big blinds is fine. Its deep enough that you can still play back at someone with 400 big bilnds or more. People are asking for this so that the ring games mirror the games we saw on TV or the real games being streamed online. The televised games are based off deep stack play, the minimum buy ins are usually at 200-250 big blinds, some buy in for more. The premise of Prominence is that it simulates the feel of a live game, and its done a good job of that. But live games tend to play at deeper stacks to start than the 100 big blind format we have now (which is more of an online format). At deeper stacks it becomes even more of a post flop game, with fundamentals like balanced hand ranges and pot control being more important than on 100 big blinds. The game becomes more strategic and more creative. I think on the menu they can have a min buy in and max buy in. It can be displayed as say "buyin 1mil/2mil", the blinds would still be 5k/10k but you have an option for how high you want to buy in. If you bust out you can have an option for "Y-1 mil buyin, B-2 mil buy in"...so players have a choice of how much to rebuy if they bust. I think just having the ability to buy in for double would be a great option. I just want that option, if players only want to buy in for minimum that's their choice. Prominence is a great game, it just needs the deep stack option for its ring games to mirror live ring games. ( A huge % them start off with deep stacks)
  14. I've been asking for this since the game came out. An option to play as a deep stack from the start, rather than be limited to just 100 big blinds from the start. I think it makes the game more interesting and would help curb future chip inflation. I think adding this feature would take the training wheels off the casual games and really let the game and players shine!