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  1. Tell that to the unluckiest player on the planet, yep, me! 99% of my hands end up losing, no matter how I play. Every pair I get is beaten by a better pair, every 2 pair by 3 of a kind, every 3 by a straight, every straight by a better one or flush, every flush by a better one, full house or 4 of a kind, every full house by a better one & so on & i'm not even joking. That's assuming I actually get a hand. Nearly everything I throw away ends up winning & everything I play ends up losing because I don't even get a pair. I can't get a break. If I land a full house, say 3 8's & 2 kings, my opponent has 3 kings & 2 8's when the other 2 of each are on the table. I'll have the 8, the other player has the king, the other 2 kings & 8's are shown. This is nearly every time I play a hand. Anything I throw away ends up as a better pair, straight, 3 of a kind, full house etc & usually beats the people who went all in at the start or when the first 3 cards are drawn. It's so frustrating. It usually takes me weeks to get a silver rank on any tournament, while I see other players on gold or higher within the first 4 hours of the reset. I end up being first out whenever I take a risk & get nowhere playing cautiously. The worst part of it is that it's usually the very last card that causes the loss as well, which infuriates me even more. More often than not, it's the only card that will result in a loss too, say I need a jack to complete a straight, king high, but not a diamond, then that last card happens to be a jack of diamonds, & I lose to the flush. So I really do feel your pain.
  2. I'd rather take the chips. More items=more duplicates at which you're awarded a quarter of the cost they are buyable at, the biggest rip off to date. If the item I get is duplicated, I want it's full value, not a quarter of it. I get more chips when they're awarded than I do from anything duplicated.
  3. At the end of certain bounties, or winning tournaments/hands, or during rank up, i'm being shown a loot box or an item that i've supposedly earned, on xbox 1, however, the items are never there. I've supposedly earned at least half a dozen items & masses of loot boxes over the last 2 weeks, none of which have ever been received. I've tolerated the loss for a while now, but the issue really needs to be fixed. Here's the latest, a proof! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/paul-roberts-27/video/64951037
  4. That's not a side pot. He had more money than you so he can bet whatever he wants, but you can only bet your maximum. If you win, you get double your bet, he gets the change. Think of it like shopping & giving a 10 for a 5 item. A side pot is created when there's multiple players that are still playing a hand, and they have more money left than the player who's put everything in. If p1, p2 & p3 each have 1000 & p4 has 500, then they all go all in & p4 wins, p4 takes 500 off p1, p2 & p3. This means p4 wins 2000 as he/she can't take more than their maximum bet from another player. That leaves an excess of 1500. So, after that, the player with the next best hand takes the rest, which will be 1500. This is the side pot & is completely fair. You can't expect to take 1000 off p1, p2 & p3 when you only net 500 can you?
  5. it's not just all in hands. I decided to check further, to add more here. I played a ring game starting from 100, another player had 100. Everyone else folded We checked all the way. total winnings was 4, total I should have was 102, total I got was 101. Another hand, I went all in with a player who bet 100, I won 42 As I had 21 left, I got 41. It seems we aren't being awarded the full pot. Next hand I won a 202 pot and only got 198, after 2 people went all in with 297 & 100, and a 3rd person folded after paying 2 blind, so the table is taking a cut. I haven't read anywhere about the table taking a cut, so something is wrong.
  6. There's a bug in the amounts you win. I've noticed that in most rooms. If I go all in for 100, and the other player went all in for 100, I win 200. The total it gave me back was 197. I am using the Xbox one version. The above is an example. It has happened in a few rooms, including - but not limited to - 1000, 5000 & 10000 rooms. Not sure it's with every win. i'll get back to you on that, but it is happening regularly on all in pots. The winnings you get back appear to be the amounts of the blinds, at present. I will get back, again, if I notice otherwise.
  7. It's xbox one - no letter. I press the start button to bring up the menu containing the options, including the option to exit. Then it freezes. I can't even move the cursor to select an option, and it won't return to the game either. I never tried powering off using the controller, as I assumed that it wouldn't work after the game froze, so I used the console power button to turn off. Since this post, it has happened 2 more times. It appears to happen as I try to exit before the start of a new hand & while the results of the hand that I just played are being displayed, but that may be just a coincidence. It's also happened to my son, he uses xbox one S & the power could be turned off via the controller. Neither console is full. So no, it isn't just me & there's nothing special, or wrong, with either console!
  8. Playing on Xbox One, I have had the game freeze twice so far, when trying to exit a room. The menu appears but you are not able to do anything. The game continues, in the background. The only way out is to power off. I don't know what causes it, it just seems random.