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  1. You miss the fault. In the rewards given. First..When you play as a Diamond player,do you think 360K makes any difference ?? Usually by being a Diamond ranked player you should have more than enough cash in your bankroll already. Playing against Platinum players means that the other players at the table ALL have a certain skill level. They are beyond Silver and Gold. The obvious point you are missing out on is this : I don't WANT to play Platinum players,but I DO want to play Ranked,to improve my ranked points. So I want to play Diamond ranked players in a Diamond ranked Tournament. BUT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PLAYERS TO FILL THE TABLE . So I'm forced to play Platinum players in a Platinum tournament. And if I get 2nd or 3rd i either get +6 points or -4 points. Winning less I accept. Like say 20..10..5 instead of 30..18...6. I think most can see the logic in this. But don't punish a 3rd place by giving MINUS points. Top 3 is supposed to be "Winners"
  2. I think THIS show clearly the Fault in the point system,once a player reach Diamond ranked. If he gets there and want to play a Ranked game..he will most likely have to play in Platinum. I just did that..got 3rd and LOST 4 points. Now can anyone explain the positive thing it is to get MINUS points for placing 3rd in a Tournament ???? I understand that from the outset "choosing" to play below your tier,gets you less points. But in reality I can't choose,as there are not Diamond players to play against. So any Diamond player knowing that 20 is max points for 1st. And maybe 6 points for 2nd ...And MINUS 4 points for 3rd will not play again once he reach Diamond.. Pitty it is that way.
  3. Now after a week I've reached Diamond Rank. Now if I want to play Ranked..I have to go Platinum,as there is not enough players that have reached Diamond yet. The problem start by instead of winning 30 points...i can only win 20. I could accept 25,but seriously..10 point deduction ? And of course you risk -40 instead of -30 for last place,being Diamond in Platinum ranked game. If it only give me 20..hov much for 2nd..3rd ??? Playing Platinum level indicate a certain skill level with the players,so it's not a walk over even if I'm Diamond. Seem a bit counter productive,if you ask me to have you rather NOT playing than risk playing. Almost indicating "Don't play more if you reach Diamond"
  4. I do play for fun and because friends of mine play too. But it don't change the fact that the issues with the cards are there. I only wish they would investigate it ,as there are so many saying the same thing as I am. Would love it if these improbable "bad beats" did not happen at the frequency they do. It all have to do with how the game is programmed.
  5. No,they have just made a bad job in general,and it affects everybody playing it. The problem is,they do not care.
  6. It's not about not being able to win with an underdog hand. It is about the frequency that it it happens. It is when you have played Poker live for years and also play other computer based poker games,you discover when particular games have issues with the cards. And PP have lots of it
  7. Let me show you WHY this game has a problem. Have you EVER had the Nut Flush and been beaten by a Straight flush,on the River..TWO times in less than 1 week ???? I don't think so. Well I have !!!! Last in a Ranked game,less than 30 min ago. This game is just able to srew you over so Royaly it hurts deep in my Poker heart. Why do we..the players have to experience these situations over and over again being given hands that should be a slam dunk..then the player why should know better call bett after bet and get the ONE OUTER on the river. Yes the developer say "It's a bad beat"..."you were unlucky" No,this have nothing to do with it. I and anyone I know,experience this most daily at Prominence Poker. And It is just weird how the developer INSIST that nothing is wrong. It Is !!!!!!
  8. There is some "explanation" here,but nothing that clarify it. Maybe the developer or somebody in the know could please answer,as it is confusing to everyone it seems.
  9. When you played the game for a long time there will be less and less items to get,as there have not been any update in the "Store" for a long time. If I take a loot case and upgrade it to Legendary,I never...And mean never ever get any Legendary item anymore (Even if there are a few I don't have) So if I get say an Epic lootcase I always upgrade to Legendary,to get a little extra cash out of it. As I know I WILL get 150K instead of an item. I don't know if expanding the item selection in the Shop is on the roadmap for the future but it should.
  10. What about..Crossplay ? Surely would not hurt the game. I've been on Steam and PP there is not crowded.
  11. I must admit that playing less than 100K is not too fun for two reasons. 1. The money you can winn is not much. 2.The quality of the players. I am Ranked Nr.1 among all Master level tournament Players. And playing say Queen or King level tournament just is too easy,as the quality of the players drop with each level below Master I like a challenge 🙂
  12. You are missing the point. But sure,if the developer are satisfied with having the game in the state it is in then that is the way it's gonna be. I don't think they care much in general. A bug like the one where you sit on air instead of the chair have still,after 18 months not been sorted out. And regarding items and Loot boxes. Nothing have been added for about the same period of time. And I don't think much more is going to be done regarding updates with this game. No roadmap updates or future plans.