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  1. So I think the title music only plays at the kleaners. Made a VERY bad first impression though.
  2. Two more things: it seems to take forever now to find players for a ranked match. My rank is platinum. Also I just lost points after finishing 3rd in a tournament. That’s never happened before. WTF is with this update??
  3. Left this reply on the blog post, but I’ll leave it here too (I have the PS4 version BTW): The updates you listed seem okay so far, but why on earth did you mess with the background music?? Now the title screen music blares loudly during matches. When I turn it down in audio settings, it also applies to the victory tune, which is silly. Plus didn’t each venue have its own quirky version of the theme? Now it’s exactly the same as title screen. PLEASE undo these pointless audio changes!