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  1. every time you level up in an affiliation, the challenges reset
  2. If something was previously mentioned, I apologize . *A new tier structure that includes a 1400 rating-call it whatever. As people get better at their game, inevitably people will move farther up. *More animations. People have commented on how it slows down the game however people can do whatever they want in their time limit-Sometimes it is strategy and sometimes its just fun to use them as most people apparently do not mic up and its a way of communication. *Make it more flexible to be entered into a tournament. As you move up in the ratings it takes longer and longer to get a tournament match. Yes there are several other factors that dictate that-but sitting in a lobby for an hour because your at 1350 or higher does seem to me to be a little excessive. Maybe the purple color of the tier is because of the high blood pressure one receives whilst waiting for a match..lolz..jk.. *Special events. It would be nice if the developers would create a type of tournament event(s) where more than just six people play at one time but to include all who pay a buy in. Digital Leisure had a casino in PlayStation Home where they held those type of tournaments and went on for 2 separate days. Knowledge of when the developers are in a game waiting for their chips to be taken would be another opportunity that is of interest to the community. * Unique rewards. There is no reward for being the top leader board player in any division. The rewards are just based on your tier. If your top of the board come seasons end -To reference PSHome again-the top players received an exclusive item and I would like to see that implemented here, Something like a bracelet, jacket, ring etc- whatever. *More venues. Nothing more needs to be said about that. *Bigger payouts. Your winnings for placing in the money are almost negated buy the buy in. If 6 people buy in @10k apiece- I would think placing 1,2,3, would win you more than is being offered now. I enjoy the game immensely and play it every day usually.
  3. I would like a way to play tournaments without having to suffer for being in the higher level of the diamond tier. I wasted a boost and a coupe hours just sitting in the lobby. I don't mind playing ppl from lower tiers..it just challenges my game. lolz..I took second playing against the #1 person and just leveled up 8 points.. I took third in the next match and lost points.. all against ppl higher level than me.. but in a lower tier... not complaining-just commenting.