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  1. You're right, you only know when someone has a PP when there are two of them. 3bet 4bet 5bet 6bet shove call = AA vs KK
  2. You tube tom Dwan and his AA vs KK vs QQ or phills AA vs AA vs KK. Watch 'this is poker'
  3. It's so cute to see people discover what poker truly is. Some crazy stuff I've seen live is quad AA over quad 66 1 in 1.4 million hands. I also flopped a 9 high flush, unfortunately for me 3 others flopped it too.
  4. This is the only poker venue that I know of that doesn't split dry pots. You need to know what the dry pots are. It is very important. Split pots should be at the top of their list.
  5. The suggestion states that it only applies if tables are available in you BR tier. And this is more aimed at cash not tournaments. As an experienced player I can sit at a 100 buy in with an unlimited bankroll, push 5 time in a row to establish a maniac image, 30 min later I'm at 3k. This might not be fun to an inexperienced player who doesn't know how to adjust.
  6. PP could split up the dry pots to make it more clear.
  7. I feel like there should be any equal amount of winners and losers. Some big winners and some big losers. Almost like they are inversely related. How can everybody be winning and every table be easy?
  8. You are on some serious tilt. Can you tell me what the inconsistencies are so I can exploit?
  9. The blinds are the minimum bet. It's also posted above their head at the start of a hand.
  10. I don't see how not defending your blinds is a good strat. Personally, if someone folds a lot I'll add a bunch of bluffs in my range. Additionally, if you call 100% of your limps, I'll remove my bluffs from my range and just value bet the snot out of you. 10x 20x, who cares you're calling right?
  11. Time to move up in the world and buy in for 200k. It's not as easy money as the 20k but it's the only way to get better. You can't get better by just crushing fish all day.
  12. 1. No 2.No 3.No 4.No 5.No He's got a bag of nopes for you lol. Omaha isn't popular with new players. If they can't play with 2 cards, why play with 4?