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  1. Hi, I want to share this pre-arranged hand of this game. AQ x3!! 3 pairs of AQ in the same hand!! Come on, what are the odds?? This is very frustrating, because you believe in this game, you believe in fair shuffling... but seeing hands like this, you start to think and doubts come into play. Poker Prominence is NOT random. There's something wrong (or arranged) in the way of shuffling.
  2. Suspicious hands and irregular shuffling Hello I've been playing this game for several months now. In one-to-one games, I find extremely irregular hands and VERY suspicious movements (hands). The last 2 weeks, I have lost incredible hands. The last I remember, I had a Full House my pair 22 + 2 3488K (on table). And my "opponent" had KK, which was completed in the River. What are the odds? In real life, I've never seen this behaviour. That was just ONE very unfortunate hand, and very very suspicious. I'd like to know the algorithm behind this game. In my opinion, and after seeing these hands, I'd say it's not completely fair. There's some "arranged" component or something, that prevents you from winning almost for sure hands. I'm starting to believe that one-to-one games are monitored or pre-arranged by some cheaters. It's really a shame, because if things like this continue to happen, I will delete this game.