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    Yup, and your robbed me blind.
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    Welcome to the community.
  3. Hello @cookiemonster A better place to post this may have been here: http://www.prominencepoker.com/index.php?/forums/forum/7-introduce-yourself/
  4. This next issue is me just being "too" picky. But it has to do with the models clipping the table. In the first photo, the female's legs clip the table... but this also happens to male and at almost all locations. The second picture is the male's legs clipping while sitting. Again... these are just me being too picky, not really bugs, just graphical issues.
  5. Little more info/testing to the post above. This picture is after sitting at a 5k table then leaving when i got up to 17k. Notice which direction the stats went. Also its strange that when i compare my stats to my own, they do not match this time. But i believe this will sort itself out... so i do not think its a bug. It may be comparing my previous ranks. (If it doesnt "fix" itself, i will report it)
  6. There seems to be an issue with my daily earnings. The number keeps getting lower/higher in the negative. Even while winning. Either i am the best player... or the worst..lol. While these numbers may be correct (I messaged you why), The number seems to keep getting larger, even when winning now.
  7. Right, all those specs are fine. Try this. Go into you steam folder and delete everything EXCEPT -Steamapps -Steam.exe Those are the only two items you need. What this will do is reinstall steam but keep all your downloads. Also "disable" your virus protection/firewall and verify the integrity of the cache of the Poker game. What happens sometimes is, people's virus protection gets a false positive from some games. If that happens, it wont download all the files.
  8. Before you do. Open up your task manager. Pay close attention to the CPU and Memory usage. Most of the time when Steam is crashing like this... its because the system is being pushed to its limits. Would you mind posting your specs?
  9. Great update. I did not have much time to start playing it. But i noticed two things right away. First thing was "Leaderboards" is still grayed out even though they are implemented. Second is that the numbers on the stats page Clip when in the thousands. Also have a good laugh at my stats, i did. That from testing. 1.4k hands.. mainly lossing...lol Third is really not a bug, but something that was removed. I mentioned it to @ClearConscious via steam, but i thought i would bring it up here. And that is, in multiplayer we can not select venue anymore. He informed me that its temporary until you add more of the lobby UI. But my main concern here is people will want to choose their favorite venue. Also now that more player will be coming to the game, since its early access... they will feel limited to "where" they can play.
  10. Anything after this post is after the Closed Beta and During Early Access. This image is just a "bookmark" for the thread.
  11. This may not work... but its worth a shot. Try to verify the integrity of cache If the above method does not help, try to trouble shoot using this page: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8676-EFLX-7453
  12. This next suggestion is more of a personal preference, but i am sure other will feel the same. Mainly it has to do with the camera, zoom and angles. -First off, i would really enjoy having a zoom feature, where we can zoom in closer. the controls by defualt can be (+,-) or the scroll wheel. -Secondly, the ability to get a true over head view. Currently we cant and the "highest" angle we can reach i blocked by lights (see third) -Thirdly, When we pan the camera up high, can you please make the lights that hang over the table go transparent/ not there. As you can see from the pictures below, they are intrusive. (Please do not mind the quality, i was in windowed mode and lower settings)
  13. I have been playing a lot of single player games(testing). There is one thing that is really bothering me. The AI almost always shows their cards even when uncontested. Unless its the same bug the players have, where its showing the last hand... these AI's cards are always shown on the screen BUT may be face down on the table I suggest they show their cards a lot less... actually would much rather they dont show their cards unless its a showdown. Only person that should always show them is "Ham "The Honest" Lincoln", but thats just because of his name and who is is meant to be. As for the timer and a "desired" pace. I would still much rather prefer a timer that was always the same. Then if a player misses his turn, then cut his timer in half untill he response.
  14. You have "0 hands left" of these items. It cost 2000 to refill them once they run out. The first time you buy an item, it cost the most but after that its cheap to refill. As for the Debugger, the item is "free" but once it runs out, it will also cost 2000 to refill. These items are consumables, so you will want to stock up on them if you want them at the table. Side note: if you have an item equiped and it runs out, you will still be allowed to have it as the shown item but once you "deactivate" it, you will need to spend 2000 again to re-equip. These items give you a % rep boost when you have remaining uses.
  15. Yes, its the top left mission in the "underground" If your opponent is "The Mayor", your in the right spot.