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  1. FARMER JOHN40 , i played 2 hands once in the 1 mill table i check on the blind, then i folded. folded couple more more times till i got a hand i like it was A,K OS EVERYONE had fold except this one person he raised it 70k, i was like this is my moment want can go wrong , i flick my joystick to the UPPER-RIGHT and press Y. it was going down. he /she too awhile to call all it, ( he/she had the chip lead with 7 mill). but they called it they had an A,8 OS the flop came out Ace on the board , im winning with K high. ima skip to i am going to skip end let just say the 8 never came out and i won in my first 1mill game and ill never go back again it was a great win for me.
  2. shizzy01

    Allow me the honor to introduce myself

    Since the start on steam, love it when it came to xbox. When it came out on xbox I had to travel that day. I played as much before I left. I love the game soo much
  3. Allow me to introduce myself my gamer tag is , oo shizzy oo. I love playing poker head to head and tournaments if yall even wanna play add me on xbox.
  4. Pocket ace auto fold I cried
  5. shizzy01

    Hello fellow Hold 'em players!

    BigBleeze I'll join yah, it's hard to find people on stream tho, only can play on the 100 bucks table tho
  6. When will there be another poker tournament I want to make it this time around