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  1. This happened the other day. The only thing that stood out was was I said, sorry.
  2. Any tips would be great. I played last night and came across the same player getting 3 straights in a row, good straights too. Some people on that table was doing the “what” impression when this happened after the 3rd time.
  3. I find that you can guess the person right near the start of each tournament who will win. If it was for real in a casino say, this wouldn’t be the case. Doesn’t feel realistic enough. That’s my opinion.
  4. Yeas, afraid so. You’ve never noticed this before then, I’m surprised. Pay attention to the one that gets the most winning hands in that game, then see that they are still sitting there right at the very end. It’s not because they keep bluffing too. Sorry that you find this untrue but when you see this happen so many times, like myself, it gets frustrating. As to your last question.. like really?
  5. What I want to know, why is it you know who will be the last two sitting players near the beginning of the game, in a tournament. Unless one of them get big headed and mess things up by throwing all their money in. I guess this too many times right and isn’t a joy to play when it’s like that. How does the computer pick the winning player at the start of each game. It’s so obvious who it will be when that person gets a high % of winning hands. I’m struggling to reach the Diamonds Tier, which I’ve been trying right at the start of its launch. Seems so unfair and there’s nothing I can do when I mostly get no winning hands. There’s too much of a big gap for winning hands I’ve been noticing with my games. On average I will get 20% on wins and 80% no wins by each tournament games.
  6. I would like to see the refill alert made smaller. It takes up too much room on the screen in the top right hand corner and can be very annoying when someone on that table is constantly refilling the table just to get their rep more higher. I'm having problems in seeing how much someone has raised if they are sitting near that end when it pops up, and it's just plain annoying too. Agree with DaveDiamond