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  1. Hey, so I am not sure if this has been mentioned before (it's a long arse thread) but how about adding bounty tourneys and possibly a ranked leaderboard for said bounty tourneys? I mean having say 50% of your buy in gets awarded to whoever knocks u out and so on. Its not like the format of the tourneys would be all that different just the payouts would need changed. Or even the double or nothing tourneys whereby the top 3 all get paid? Keep up the good work and if u feel like adding some new outfits and tattoos and stuff that'd be cool too ūüėé
  2. So this is the fated 'evidence' in prominence's 'flawed RNG', a single image of a bad beat with no indication to preflop or post flop action, stack size or blind level. So essentially just a picture. So the only thing we can actually take away from this is the A10 hand had 5 outs on the the flop ~20% and 4 puts on the turn ~9-10%. Hardly anything to right home about, play as much poker as I do and this will happens to you every few hours. That's poker Hell depending on stack size and blind level, you could easily argue that this should of all been all in preflop. On the other hand, If you are on the first level then you BOTH have overplayed your hands. Hardly evidence of bad code, I also read some of the 23o v AKs hand. Again without stack size and blind level can't complete a full picture. It's probs a bad call unless they had less than 3 big blinds. Thing is you want them to call, you want them to call and you have a ~64% chance of winning. But you are only going to win 2 out of 3 times even though u want the call. And sometimes they hit the 2 or 3, the flop gave them 4 more outs. again its poker. Nothing that won't happen on any other poker site every other hour. Say they call with J10s instead, is that a terrible call? virtually the same odds they have to win as 23o. The sooner you except that sometimes you get outdrawed and sometimes you get unlucky the easier you'll except these beats and stop blaming the software. And if you play a winning brand of poker, you will take the odd beat but long term you will be a profitable player
  3. Tor bro Lmao. If you are that good of a player why were u playing free poker game on a gaming console in the first place? Why weren't u playing on pokerstars or 888 or whoever if u are that good a player? Maybe just maybe u are not as good as u think u are. There is nothing wrong with the RNG on prominence. Now if u wanna blame prominence for u not winning go right ahead, only stopping your own development as a player by doing that. If you don't enjoy the game anymore then that's fair enough but don't be so arrogant to think that because u don't win its prominences RNG or anything. since u like to go give your 'credentials' by saying u have made 26m on prominence and a top 10 rank on the other ps4 poker game. Here's my credentials, 60m, 13 diamond seasons, 7 as tourney and 6 as h2h. Sharkscope sparky616 and you will see my profitable username on partypoker from 2010. Profitable then and still. If u don't know what sharkscope is, then sorry bro u cannot come on here and patronise people here on how your superior ability is hampered by your misguided issue with prominence. Anytime u want a game bro for realsies just message me and you'll find out how pokerstars is 'rigged' too
  4. Sorry Tor, I am also an experienced player and have no issues with RNG/algorithm used. This is probs in the wrong thread here but here's my 2 cents anyway. The reason for some many 'bizarre' or 'crazy ways to lose' is simple, the players. I here so many peeps complain about how prominence screws them and peeps hitting miracle one outers on the river and what not. Bad beats and weird hands and one outers happen in live tourneys and real money poker sites too. The poorer the standard of poker being played the more variance and weird hands that will happen. Common theme in prominence is how can he hit that on the river? But when you actually examine the hand played, it's a four way limped pot and bad players stick around with garbage hands and hit stuff then the guy that limps with aces will say would never happen in real life. And they are right it wouldn't happen in real life because anyone who can play would raise with aces preflop and doesn't allow the jack 6 off suit hit runner runner full house. My favorite is when it's a cold deck and they expect someone to lay down a big hand/draw and when it gets there it's all about prominence screwing them when it would off been a mistake for them to lay the hand down. Biggest thing I can say is to not get involved in limped pots and be prepared to fold when you do. Anyway rant over, is there any plans for more trophies/achievements to be added to the game?
  5. It was dont_eat_those, has been crushing the high roller cash games on ps4. I'm not much of a cash game player otherwise I'd make a tilt at it, it's impossible to get the billion by playing tourneys
  6. I haven't seen it on the list on the upcoming updates thingy. But being last to act with no possible further action on the hand and being able to fold and show your cards. I like to show my bluffs from time to time but I also would like to show that I can make big lay downs too
  7. I agree, I can be stubbornly patient myself at times but more often than not I start to push the action now when the blinds are 500/1000. Would rather go down swinging trying to win than fold my way up the leaderboard. The tighter the table the easier it is to get away with 3-4 loose shoves in a row and before u know it u have the chip lead just from stealing blinds. Do get caught from time to time but I simply can't fold down to 3 big blinds, rather lose fighting than withering away
  8. There are a few variations of straddle. The most commonly used one is where the player to the left of the big blind posts another 'big blind' before they have a chance to see their cards. Example, blinds are 50 and 100, player that would be first to act would post an optional 200 'bet' without seeing his cards. Sometimes this can be double straddled with the player on his left posting 400 optionally. It helps boost the action if the table is a bit tight. Not on topic but while I'm here, how about a possible an amended to ranked tourneys by adding an ante to the levels. Too often ranked games become boring foldathon snoozefests with players too scared to lose to try and win
  9. As mentioned by many before, I'd like the option to buy into a cash game with either short and deep stacked. More so deep but would be good to have an option of 50bb,100bb, 150bb and 250bb to buy in with. Would also like the option to straddle in a ring game was added. Could help induce action or more nitty tables and can be rewarded with XP for people who do straddle
  10. Forgive my ignorance. But why would any experienced player want to sit at the bingo level? Surely any 'experienced/solid/good' player has more than enough funds to play at a higher level. But saying that, stopping someone from joining a table cause there bankroll is too big is ridiculous. What if someone wants to play a higher stake but no one is playing on a higher staked table? Would that player not be able to play at all, I can see that going down well with players
  11. Haha I likey. It is a daft and a bit if a strange request but when I think about I find it really funny. It appeals to my quirky sense of humour. I also like it when a game/film/TV show or whatever doesn't take itself too seriously and have little funny/quirky moments
  12. As a table item, I would love it if you could add a chihuahua. It could sit and lick itself and when the player picks it up it could lick the players nose or something. It could stand up with you when you stand up and go all in. Please please please make that happen
  13. Hi, apologies if these have been mentioned by someone else, I haven't read the entire thread. I would really like a fold and show option. As much as I like showing my hand after a big bluff it would be awesome if I was last to act and I made what I think is a big laydown and have the ability to show my opponent without having to screenshot it and message over the PSN. The other feature I think would be good is having a moderated create your own nickname with the legendary and billionaire etc, nicknames reserved to those acquire them through ability. Lastly I would like the ability to buy any items that are currently only able to unlock through loot crate. Owning a certain item used to be a sign of someone who could afford to buy expensive items but now anyone can get said item randomly through loot crate. Keep up the awesome job