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  1. Hey Everyone, Some may remember me some may not. Just wanted to drop in and give an update as I had left the community for awhile. I had sent several messages to clear over time looking for clarity but he was unable to respond to them and that kind of put the nail in the coffin of my interest here. I certainly cannot repair or not do what cannot be defined. or spoken to. The game in and of itself just isn't good enough at this point to want to try and engage a PC base. Not that PP cares in the least. Hope to see the more engaging of you in other rooms on other platforms. Ill come back and visit this solitary post once in a while. I'm sure there will be some vague vitriol but hey that's the champion community. For those that actually do remember me. I left New Orleans and went back to Vegas to Host again at Mecca so im super excited to be back in a city I love doing my favorite job in the world.
  2. I also suggested a note program. I used it all the time on party poker. You could choose 125 characters and a visible color. So i would lable people based on thier play like green was an ATM, red was a cannon etc.. et al. and then individual notes.
  3. *stream of thought Change table so they can have observers. Make invite only for observation or private tables. Encourage non mic chat systems. A list of chosen phrases. Or make an error and let the chat be open and privately follow chat that results in what looks like told hands AA, j10 etc.. track those phrases over a few months and find the defined coluders developing a simpler algorithm off of easily identified colluders based on commonalities. ( sell secondary product ). Can you set the game to auto disable the microphone and turning it on doesn't allow you to play? This would help with direct tell or even third party programs. Of course the same IP thing. Now lets assume the guy is doing it through Facebook messenger.... or some common chat format.... I guess it all comes back to algorithm. So im going back to the make an error so cheating is more obvious and collect data. People will inherently choose the easy route. You can also allow player notes that the community is allowed to make on each player and monitor those notes for information as well. Sounds like a lot of work. a potential second income stream. All i got.
  4. New Jersey does have online gambling as does Las Vegas. The rule is you have to be in the state to use the website. Most, not all states, it is okay to have a home poker game with money as long as there is no rake or fee. I have also seen games raided the one down near Marist was raided because the kids would serve food and so the tournament was a $50 buy in and they served food and drink for a $20 fee.
  5. My mistake... This place is like bizzaro-land for accountability of chosen words.
  6. If you believe you were agreeing with me i apologize, i didn't know English was likely not your first language. To help: most agreements don't begin with an immediate descent : " Consider though " Please old man, revisit base logic and thoughtful conversation with your equals.
  8. Just to be clear... Xbox live - 55 million active users. Playstation users across all platforms - 60 million Steam - 126 million active users.
  9. I took issue with the explanation because it is re-explaining to me what a multitude of my posts have been about. I completely understand that the PC community is anemic. So it is not a concept lost on me as I have mentioned it often. Having that explained to me in a manner as if i didn't understand it was offensive. Telling me how i should choose to enjoy a game put out on my platform was annoying. Suggesting i buy a console to enjoy a free game is inane and unwarranted. I felt that those points needed to be highlighted because the post in it's entirety was a waste of breath and offensive. To that end i can complain about the lack of players on PC because the company chose to port it to the PC but not to promote it. Having been a member of STEAM for 13 years it isn't a new technology to me nor is it new to it's 126 million user base that allows it to exist in a way to negotiate games at the price points and discounts that they do. Arguably many PC gamers have STEAM specifically if it is their primary source of gaming. My issue is Prominence lack of pushing to fill, advertise or promote that community. Even when they announced a tournament game hosted by them across all platforms none of them bothered to show up for the PC. That's crappy. and that is basically my issue.
  10. I should assume tho the board isn't flushed then of course we have all seen that i assume you mean everyone has two cards to the flush.. distributing all the flush cards. 5/2/2/2/2
  11. I have not but if i did i wouldn't believe i was suddenly in a simulator. I would believe i have seen some extraordinary odds. I've seen a live grenade not go off, I've seen glass shatter for a length of 11 feet, that was ridiculous, i got hit by a bus exceeding 40 miles an hour that ran completely over me the officer on the scene assumed i'd died, i didn't even sprain anything.. So ya as life continues your going to see some pretty long odds. You follow a game driven by odds and watch hundreds of thousands of hands.. you are going to see some long odds. Its just that they are odds not guarantees of happening.
  12. I don't understand. I am very thankful for his post. I knew none of the things and appreciate his clarity and simplifying the available information for me. It was a super helpful post that i thanked him for and then liked so he could win the week and be encouraged to make more posts like this. I could not have been more clear about how valid and super needed his post was in the moment. Everything he spoke to enlightened me and my my experience here and in the game better for having made it. It may even be the best post here. It only could have been made better via pictorial diagram so i wouldn't get super confused by all its wordiness and references to what i may or may not own and literature i likely don't understand the reference to. Again i could not be more pleased with his thoughtful breakdown. I have reserved a console via Amazon just so i can experience your game better via his recommendation that im choosing to experience it wrong. I don't know what i was thinking trying to enjoy the game on the platform it was made available to me on.
  13. Hey look at you using deductive reasoning than mansplaining a thing. Thank god you came along and made that post. I just had no idea. I truly appreciate the information provided. Valuable and useful. Just the only way to describe that input. I just can't like your post enough times.