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  1. Hello all, Its not said in this thread, but it seems you are talking about the Bounties not being rewarding enough. We agree. We are making the Bounties much more rewarding in the next update. We are also removing some of the 'not so fun' Bounties from the rotation. Thank you everyone for the great comments and suggestions, please keep them coming!
  2. Hope everyone likes the Ranked changes that were released earlier this week. Thank you everyone for your comments, input and suggestions.
  3. Thank you all for your amazing feedback, suggestions and support of Prominence Poker!
  4. Thank you everyone for the insanely valuable feedback. I want everyone to know that all of your suggestions and concerns are being heard and we are looking into some changes for the Ranked System based off the feedback. The intent is as everyone has said; Top players should be in the top tiers, but not without some grind. Lower players should be in low tiers and thus matched with lower players. We definitely want everyone to feel a sense of progression and will be focusing on achieving that in the near future. Once again, thank you to everyone who has and will post on this and all threads. Your suggestions and feedback are priceless.
  5. Hey @SevenSideSammy Yes I agree with the seasons being too short. This is something that I feared prior to the release of the update and was expecting community feedback on. 3 months is exactly what I was thinking for the change. Thank you for all your great posts on the forums.
  6. Hello @Oxbentt The maximum rating a player can win/lose in a match is 60. But this would be extremely hard to achieve as the winner winner/loser would have to be wildly higher/lower than their opponents. This is unlikely as we matchmake players of similar skill (rating) together. However it is possible in some strange circumstance. Quick and Dirty on the Rating System: Functions as a series of Duels. If player A won first place, they beat B, C, D, E and F. That means player B lost to player A, but beat C, D, E and F. Etc. The maximum rating a player can win/lose is limited by a value known as 'K'. We have differing 'K' values for 6P Tournaments and Head to Head ranked modes so players ratings can have the same perceived value. Please keep in mind the first bullet that says it functions as a series of duels. This means the 'K' value limiter will be applied to every calculation (player you beat/lost to), instead of the match as a whole. Either way, its still a min/max of 60 regardless of the game mode. Tournament 'K' value = 12 Head to Head 'K' value = 60 The formula basically adjusts your rewarded/reduced rating based off your expected chances of beating that player vs the actual outcome. So, your at the top of the rating tier and you beat someone at the bottom, bravo you were expected to win. This results in little gain. However if you lose to the player at the bottom, its gonna sting a little bit because you were supposed to beat them. Rating adjustments are calculated and displayed to you at the end of the match. I hope this helps. We love the feedback and everyone should expect all things Ranked to be tweaked and tuned as the seasons continue. This is a new approach to a rating system in a poker game, so as such, expect some changes in updates to come. Also keep a look out for Polls about ranked and other features on the website in the future. Finally, @Oxbentt - No need to be so salty. Lets take it easy with the 'brown nosing' comments.
  7. Hi @Oxbentt The ranks are as follows: Bronze = 0 - 1199 Silver = 1200 - 1399 Gold = 1400 - 1599 Platinum = 1600 - 1799 Diamond = 1800+ Raising your rating into these values will promote you to the next tier. This kinda answers both 2&3. Your last seasons rating will help your next season placements if you have an end rating above the starting rating of 1000. For now, we are awarding players the mean of their rating and the starting rating. We felt that this amount would allow for steady growth through the seasons, but not too much that its not fair or too easy. This amount will be adjusted as well as everything else due to everyone's feedback. If you are below the starting rating you will not be penalized by this carryover, and will start the next seasons placements at starting rating of 1000. The rating system is a hybrid of a couple other rating systems. We expect to make a lot of tweaks along the way, so threads like this are amazingly helpful to fast track getting everyone the ranked poker environment they want and deserve. Expect some Polls to be held on the website in the future about Ranked Games. Once a full length season or two have gone by, we would love to get everyone's opinions on some of the details like season length, rating carryover values, blind ramps, etc. Thank you to everyone for providing all of this great feedback!
  8. Hello there @SevenSideSammy Hopefully I will be able to clear some things up for you - Refilling drinks rep reward: What determines the amount of rep you get for doing this? Sometimes I get 200, other times 2,000. Even got a 5,000 not too long ago for a solo refill and 10,000 for a table refill. Is it just random? - The REP Rewards for refilling players drinks is kinda like a little lottery. As you have seen, you can get smaller REP rewards and much larger ones. This was intentional so we could add some extra sense of luck and reward into the transaction. - What's the purpose of leaderboard resets? Tournament leaderboards I get. It's nothing but boosters on there. But bankroll and cash games, why? - The leaderboard resets are intended to prevent new players from being discouraged about trying to participate in the Leaderboards. We wanted everyone to always have a chance at being at the top of the leaderboards. Additionally, we have future plans for the Leaderboards which reward players at the ends of the seasons. More on this to come in the future! - Same appearance options having different level requirements: For example; sleeve tats, watches, etc. Is this an oversight? Are there any plans to change this? - This was intentional to incentivize progression. Expect some big changes with the level unlocks of the items in the Shop in our next update. Thank you for your questions! I would love to hear any feedback towards the answers if you have any. See you at the tables!
  9. Hey Coop The Demon! We are so glad you are enjoying the game! There is currently a slight bug with the Affiliation Chip Rewards. These Chip Rewards aren't being awarded until the next time you log into the game. But rest assured, your hard earned chips will be waiting for you in your Bankroll upon your next log-in!
  10. Hi @DufferDave The Daily Cut is a players FREE daily allotment of chips. Logging in everyday will increase a players Daily Cut Streak, multiplying the amount of chips a players receives from their Daily Cut up to 5X. A players streak is only broken if they stop logging in, so you can continue to gain 5X chips as long as you log-in every day. The base amount a player receives from their Daily Cut is also increased from advancing their level. So the higher level you are and the more you log in the more chips you will receive for FREE every day! Thank you for your question, i hope this was helpful.
  11. Hello @hOwl, we are so glad to hear that you like the game! The unfortunate thing about all online games is Trolls be lurking everywhere. We are definitely looking to combat this. We have some plans that will allow players to find different tables, removing themselves from said Troll players. We also have more plans for the future, allowing players to be rewarded for good behavior, etc. The tough part is, as @ClearConscious said, going all-in isn't an illegal action, though it can definitely be annoying. Have you tried any Tournament play? It may be less toxic in that environment since Rebuy-ing isn't allowed. Hello @Squid. Wow, amazing post! Very detailed. Though I think Deep Stack would be an awesome feature for the future of the game, I am not so sure how much it would discourage the Trolls from pushing all-in every hand. Yes it would drain them 2x faster (or more depending on how many BB's we allow), but I feel that most of the players who are doing this are not really worried about losing their chips. I am going to do some research on this as it may be a valid fix for this issue, as well as a guaranteed valued feature for the game in the future.
  12. The purpose of the timer is to keep gameplay moving at a desired pace.
  13. Hey Krhymez! Yet another amazing suggestion! I agree with your assessment and will look into implementing your suggestion. We are so glad you are enjoying the game and grateful for all of your efforts to improve the game! Expect some chips headed your way for your troubles.
  14. - You can, through the steam dashboard. - Professional poker is trending towards 6 player tables instead of 9-10. 6 Player tables means you play more hands, faster. This was a priority for this title. Larger tables are something we may look to for the future, but not for a while. - Expect something like this in the future. We have a large content schedule that we will be rolling out after launch.
  15. The timer allows more time the further the hand progresses. Pre-Flop - 15 seconds Flop & Turn - 20 seconds River - 25 seconds We went this route because that mirrors the difficulty in the decision making process as the hand gets further and further along. We expect to change these values a lot as we get more players into the game and relieve more and more feedback. Thank you for the feedback! It is invaluable.