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  1. What I would like to ve able to do is in-game be able to check a players profile (member since, bankroll ets) in order to better judge how decent or well-off said player is. For example: this guy just keeps going all in. I he just down on his bankroll and trying for some quick cash increases or do i think they can play an maybe not actually on a bluff or something?
  2. Casual & Ranked 'In-game BUG' Hi all, I play Prominence via PS4 and I am wondering if anyone else (or those on diff platforms) can test to see if they get the same 'Bug' as I do? This has happened on the only two occasions I have done this. So while in a casual 1000 game (Also a ranked Tournament) whilst active in a game (not sure if spectating) I brought up my pause menu and selected 'Challanges' and while it looks to load them (loading icon appears), I am met with an "Authentication Failed" message and im kicked to the main start-up screen? Once I click to enter I am placed back in the same game. Anyone else aware of this or can try and see if they get the same result?
  3. I think a min/max buy-in shoukd be added in casual games instead of only being aboe to enter with a singke amount and ending up on a table with players that have been there for a while with between 2-5times your starting amount. Little unfair to a joiner i think? I would also like to be able to text in a game, to table and individuals?
  4. Affiliation Wednesday's Cam anyone from this great community help me please? I am wondering how you find what is considered 'Affiliation Outfit' in order to gain tge 50% rep bonus please? thanksin advance for any help ~Mazza4321~
  5. Game-added boosts info - HELP While playing (PS4) sometimes I'll log in and get to a table and see active boosts (like drink/smoke) they are obvious but my question is regarding the others (e.g. a fist, trophies etc.) What if i miss the message saying what i active? How am i supposed to know what it is for as there seems to be no 'legend' that shows what those active icons mean. Please help thanks